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How to Write a Journal [8 Steps]

Journal writing a thing quite uncommon but is actually pretty useful. Be it about describing a new event or remembering an old one. It gives our minds a clear canvas to paint with our thoughts. To be heard and to enjoy the freedom to express yourself is what writing a journal enables us to do. There are various types of journal writing depending on the theme on which you wanna write. It’s better to have a target or theme so that whenever you feel like expressing yourself in that theme you could!

Journals are majorly of the following types:-

1. Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journal as the name suggests enables us to focus on things we are grateful for in our lives. It teaches us the importance of taking a step back from the rat race we all are in and observe life. As we have a habit of gathering possessions but never utilizing them or being grateful for them.

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2. Prayer Journal

Prayer journal gives us the peace we so much seek throughout our lives in the materialistic things that surround us. It makes you spiritual and indeed enables you to replace fear with faith on almighty.

3. Dream Journal

Dream journal enables us to focus on our life goals. It also enables you to finding your passion if you haven’t found it yet. It is meant for this purpose only to make plans to make your dreams come true.

4. Reflective Journal

A reflective journal is the journal that makes you a good observer and lets the best of your ideas come out. As you reflect on things you give your own opinion about it. And so you let yourself heard. It’s much closer to talking with a close friend about the things that are in your heart.

5. Travel Journal

Travel journal as the name suggests is useful when you are travelling to note down the things you notice, to make plans, and pen down your memories and experiences of a place which you visited.

No matter what kind of a journal you have the main idea is to pen down your thoughts, feelings, and expressions so that you could track them down later as ideas no matter how amazing they are if you won’t pen them down they will just flew from your mind.

Below I am gonna tell you some points that you must keep in your mind while you sit to write a journal.

8 Steps on How to Write a Journal:

1. Free yourself from distractions

Distractions are the biggest threats to your personal space and ideas. Make sure that nobody disturbs you while you are sitting introspecting penning down your thoughts. You must learn that it’s not being unkind or antisocial but to zone out when you feel the need of it is most essential as if you are disconnected with yourself how will you form a connection with someone else? Give yourself the time that you need, be one with yourself first.

2. Introspect

Introspection is the most essential part of writing a journal. Imagine it as a cave you are entering you have no idea about but as soon as you go a bit further you begin to see pearls inside which you were not able to notice before. Introspection is just like that it’s like entering into your cave of unearthed ideas present in the subconscious mind of yours. You feel yourself in a state of trance and soon your thoughts and feelings begin to come to you.

3. Write Regularly

Writing is a skill and so to improve upon it you need to bring it in your habit. You need to devote your time regularly to it so that you could improve. Make a point to write down or reflect every day.

4. Observe

Observation is something that you don’t need a specific time to do but is something that you can do all the time. You just need to be a bit self-aware to notice your thoughts and feelings when they do come. You never know when you are gonna find inspiration from something for that you need to be aware enough to notice.

5. Be honest

It is very important, to be honest, and not be shy about being vulnerable. Remember that it’s your personal space and nobody is supposed to read this unless you yourself make it public so learn to be comfortable with yourself. Embrace yourself don’t put on a happy face to hide your insecurity. Writing is healing too when you write about the events that affected you in the past, you get over them and they lose their power over you.

6. Read

Reading is such a habit that unconsciously helps us improve our writing. In the beginning, it takes a lot of effort to focus on your thoughts but when you read you improve your vocabulary, learn to better frame the sentences, and when you do that your writing improves too on its own.

7. Environment matters

Know that writing a journal depends on your mood and what uplifts one mood than a cool clam silent night or morning hours. Find whether you are a morning person or a night owl and plan to write accordingly.

8. Mention dates

Mentioning dates is important because it helps us keep track of the time when we wrote something. It creates memories, you can look back and relive the journey that you have been through. Thus mentioning dates becomes an important thing to do when you’re writing a journal.

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