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Top 10 World Strongest Army 2023 [World Military Ranking]

Different countries are ranked on the basis of their manpower, airpower, land forces, financials, geography, logistics, naval forces, Natural resources. This listing of Top 10 World Strongest Army [World Military Ranking] is based on military power and the expenses made on the military. The rankings are based on global firepower rankings 2023 taking 138 countries on the basis of their military power index.

The 10 World Strongest Army Countries are:

1. United States of America

At the end of World War 2, the United States Of America and the USSR emerged as the two superpowers in the world but gradually the power shifted towards the US side and it became the sole superpower in the world. America spends almost 3.1% of GDP on its military and it has 800 military bases in a strategic location in the world.  America has almost 7000 nuclear weapons.

  • United States of America’s military budget is – $721.5 Billion
  • Its total military personnel is – 2,260,000
  • Total fighter planes are – 13,264
  • Warships – 490
  • Tank and Armoured vehicle – 45,542

2. Russia

After the fall of the Soviet Union, the USSR ceased to exist as one of the superpowers in 1991. Russia spent almost 3.93% of its GDP on the military. Russia first tested its nuclear weapon In the year 1949. It Is the 2nd largest Exporter of arms and ammunitions in the world after the US.

  • Russia’s military budget is – $48.2 Billion
  • Its total military personnel is – 3,013,628
  • Fighter planes are – 4,163
  • Tank and Armoured vehicle-39,988

3. China

In the last decade, China has increased its military power. China has set up military basis in many other countries In Asia and Africa through trade deals and its policy of helping other nations in the name of development and investments and using their land for its military exercises. The “String of Pearl’s” policy is a part of its plan to become the superpower. China spends almost 1.86%Off its GDP on the military. The increasing military power and economy of China and its ambition to become the world superpower has become a sore eye and threat for the countries in the world.

  • China’s military budget is – $178.6 Billion
  • Total military personnel – 2,693,000
  • Fighter planes – 3,210
  • Worships – 777
  • Tank and Armoured vehicle – 36,500

4. India

After gaining independence in 1947 India has been more focused on raising its military power. Due to constant security threats and instability created by her neighbor’s i. e. , Pakistan and China. In recent times India has increased its military power by importing arms and fighter jets from Russia, America, and France. India has increased its defence budget now it stands at 2.4% of India’s GDP and has also increased its nuclear power to counter its enemy states. India not only has more military personnel than China but also has an upper hand in fighter jet such as Rafale, Sukhoi 30, Mirage 2000.

  • The Military budget of India is – $65.86 Billion
  • Total military personnel – 3,544,000
  • Fighter plane – 2,123
  • Warships- 285
  • Tank and Armoured vehicle-12,978

5. Japan

At the end of World War 2 and defeat of Japan by Allies it was forbidden to maintain any military. But during the Korean War, the US left Japan and it became vulnerable to security threats. So, in 1950 national police reserve was established and in 1952 the coastal safety force was established. The US also gives security to Japan from external aggression according to the security treaty between the United States and Japan Signed in 1951. Japan spends roughly 1% of its GDP on military expenses.

  • Japan’s military budget is – $48 Billion
  • Its total military personnel – 3,03,160
  • Fighter planes – 1,561
  • Warships -155
  • Tank and Armoured vehicle – 4,134

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6. South Korea

South Korea formed its army after its liberation from the Empire of Japan. During the Korean War, in 1950 the Korean military was unprepared so the United Nations had to intervene and America trained its army after that South Korea paid more attention to increasing its military strength. It spends 2.6% of GDP on military expenses

  • Its military budget is- 44 Billion
  • South Korea’s total military personnel  – 3,680,000
  • Fighter planes are – 1,649
  • Tank and Armoured vehicle – 16,614

7. France

French army exists for more than 2000 years and has participated in 50 of the 125 major European wars. Though, France was on the winning side in World War 2 its economy and infrastructure suffered a major set back. It became a nuclear power in 1960 and it was the 4th country to do so. France almost spends 1.8% GDP on its military and it has developed 5th generation fighter jets and warships.

  • The military budget of France – $41.5 Billion
  • Its total military personnel – 4,51,635
  • Fighter planes -1,229
  • Warships- 180
  • Tank and armored vehicle – 6,556

8. United Kingdom

The British armed forces established in 1707 and they took part in some of the major wars of the world. Because of its powerful military Britain dominated over almost 150 countries and made them, it’s colonies but after The Second World war it had a sudden reduction in its economy & its colonies became independent. The UK spends almost 2% of its GDP on military expenditures. And it is the 5th recognised country to become a nuclear power.

  • United kingdoms military budget is – $55.1 Billion
  • Total military personnel – 2,75,660
  • Fighter planes – 733
  • Warships- 88
  • Tank and Armoured vehicle- 5,227

9. Egypt

The Egyptian armed forces were founded in the year 1820 and reorganized in 1952. Egyptian Armed forces import their weapons from the US, France, Brazil, UK, Soviet Union, China. Egypt spends almost 1.24% of its GDP on the military.

  • Egypt’s military budget is- $11.2 Billion
  • Its total military personnel – 9,20,000
  • Fighter plane  – 1,054
  • Worships – 316
  • Tank and Armoured vehicle – 15,995

10. Brazil

Brazil’s armed forces have existed since 1648. It has the largest army In Latin America and the second largest after the US in the American continent. It spends almost 1.5% of GDP on military expenses.

  • Brazil’s military budget is – $27.8 Billion
  • It’s total military personnel – 1,674,500
  • Fighter planes – 715
  • Warships -112
  • Tank and Armoured vehicle – 2,257

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