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Top 10 Poorest Countries in the World 2023

Below is the list of Top 10 Poorest Countries in the World 2023 on the basis of the GDP of the Country.

1. Burundi

GDP: $727

The Republic of Burundi is an East African country which is landlocked by Rwanda, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Lake Tanganyika. Its capital is Gitega and its economic capital Bujumbura. Only 13.4% of its population resides in urban areas whereas,  the others live in rural areas. The main occupation of the people is agriculture and animal herding. Agriculture accounts for 50% of its GDP. It primarily exports coffee and tea which brings 90% of its foreign exchange earnings. Famines and food shortages, HIV /AIDS, and lack of education and economic freedom are the reasons for the nation being underdeveloped.

2. The central African Republic.

GDP: $823

The Central African Republic is if bordered by Chad, Sudan, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Congo and Cameroon. It is a landlocked country located in Central Africa and its capital is Bangui. It has a significant mineral deposit like – uranium, crude oil, gold, diamond, etc. Diamonds account for the countries 40- 55% of export revenue and the most important expert. Almost 50% of the adult population is illiterate and the countries’ health care services are at their lowest. Diseases like malaria and HIV leads to maximum death.

3. Democratic Republic of the Congo.

GDP: $849

The Democratic Republic of the Congo formerly known as Zaire is a Central African country. Its capital is Kinshasa. It has vast mineral reserves which generate 70% of its export revenue. It’s other mineral reserves includes copper, diamond, and cobalt. It is the largest cobalt producer in the world. Its literacy rate has developed in recent years but still, it lacks in the field of healthcare. People are suffering from HIV/AIDS, malaria, and yellow fever in this country.

4. Eritrea

GDP: $1,060

Eritrea is an East African country and its capital is at Asmara and also shares its border with Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti. It also shares its coastline with the Red Sea. Eritrea has experienced growth in GDP over recent years. It has a large reserve of Copper, gold, marble, and potash. It has even seen a considerable amount of increase in good health care facilities but still diseases like malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV results in death.

5. Niger

GDP: $1,106

The Republic of Niger is a West African country landlocked by Libya, Chad, Nigeria, Benin, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Algeria. Almost 80% of the land is covered by the Sahara desert. Its capital is Niamey. The major set back to its development are overpopulation and poor education and healthcare infrastructure.

6. Malawi

GDP: $1,240

Malawi Officially known as the Republic of Malawi, landlocked by Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique, is a Southeastern African country. Its capital is Lilongwe. 1/3 of its area is covered by Lake Malawi. 85% of its population comes from the rural area and are dependent upon agriculture, which accounts for 1/3 of GDP and 90% export revenue. Most of its population suffers from HIV/AIDS.

7. Mozambique

GDP: $1,303

The Republic of Mozambique bordered by the Indian Ocean, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Eswatini and South America. It is a Southern African country. Its capital is at Maputo. Its economy is dependent on the production of liquefied natural gas, ecotourism. The obstacle to its economy is the weak rule of law.

8. Liberia

GDP: $1,414

The Republic of Liberia is surrounded by Sierra Leone, Guinea, Cote. d’Ivoire, Atlantic Ocean. It’s capital is Monrovia and it is situated on the West African coast. Agriculture accounts for 38.8% of its GDP and provides employment to its 70% population. Gold, diamond, and Iron are its main reserves. Diseases like Tuberculosis, Diarrheal Diseases, malaria, and HIV rampage the country every year.

9. South Sudan

GDP: $1,602

The Republic of Sudan is located in East-Central Africa and bordered by Ethiopia, Sudan, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Kenya. Its capital is Juba. It depends upon petroleum, Iron Ore , Maika, diamond, tungsten, etc. The oil fields contribute to the economy of the country. People suffering from HIV and malaria. Famines and water supply shortages are very common.

10. Sierran Leon

GDP: $1,690

The Republic of Sierran Leone is situated on the South West coast of West Africa and is bordered by Liberia, Guinea. Its capital city is Freetown. Agriculture is the main means of employment for the people and accounts for 58% of GDP. It has a large deposit Titanium, and it is also popular for its blood diamonds. The people suffer from yellow fever, cholera, Lassa fever, mening outbreaks. HIV is also a very common disease and lack of awareness about mental health care and portable water supply shortage are also the major reason behind the countries’ poor economy.

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