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Why Your Circle of Friends Matters [5 Reason]

There is a quote written by Tennessee Williams “Friends are god’s way of apologizing to us for our families” that is friends make it up for what we lack in our families for example:- Many times we are not able to share with our families the things we feel comfortable enough to share with a close friend of our age. But we need to make sure whether the company on which we are putting so much trust and choose to spend our time is really good or not. There are many aspects of how Circle of Friends Matters and we list a few of them here.

The following are the 5 reasons Why Your Circle of Friends Matters and How It Affects You as a Person.

1. Friends can either make you or break you

Friends have a very large influence on our life. It is wisely said

The kind of a person you will be after 5 years depends solely on the kind of books you read and the kind of people you meet – Dale Carnegie

and among those people, the ones whom we trust the most and are vulnerable with surely do affect us a lot. As once you have laid your trust on them you won’t be able to realize whether they are leading you to the right path or the wrong path.

2. You become an average of your 5 closest friends

You are gonna adopt the similar habits that your friends have and soon you won’t even realize that you have begun to inculcate their behavior in yourself subconsciously. So comes the responsibility to choose your friend circle wisely for ex:- If your friend circles are drug addict soon you are gonna get influenced by them too which will ruin your health in the long run.

3. A Good friend circle uplifts you

To be able to find out a good friend circle is a bliss as they are gonna uplift you like anything. Friendship runs on sharing and caring. A good friend will make you believe that there is still humanity present in this world while bad friends will make you believe nobody out there is trustworthy. A good friend will make you believe in yourself while a bad friend will make you feel bad about yourself. You need to learn that there is a very thin line between mockery and teasing. Teasing is friendly while mockery is bully let your friends know if you are being hurt by their teasing. There is nothing wrong with being sensitive a good friend will always care for you no matter what.

4. Identify your circle

The best way to identify whether your friend circle is good or not is to test them in times of need. See how many of them stand by you when you are stuck in a situation where you are helpless. Trust them only and know that rest all are just good for a giggle only. A true friend will make sacrifices for you for the sake of helping you out of his concern and not because he wants something back from you. A true friend is a treasure indeed. While the wrong one a robber. He will use you and then leave you like you don’t even exist.

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5. The overall importance of the friend circle

Many times in our lives we fall from grace, something terrible happens, a devastating breakup or being fired from a job or dropping out of college, etc. At such sensitive times, we need love, care, and support at the most. Many times we are not able to share our problems with our parents too at that time instead of drowning in sorrows alone we can find a trustworthy friend or a group of friends with whom you are comfortable with and can vent out your feelings in front of them so that they could hold you back and lift you up just like you were before.

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