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8 Ways to Say Thank You and Show Appreciation

In this ungrateful world when people have become stuck up and self-centered it has become important now to realize the importance of being grateful and how it can change your personality making you loveable. Also in these times when people have become mechanical and stopped showing their emotions, it becomes even harder to express when one feels shy to say thanks in front of the other person or just doesn’t know how to express his gratefulness in other ways. Thus coming off as arrogant making the other person believe in this prejudice for you leads to misunderstanding, wrong judgement and hidden resentments in the long run. Thus I have mentioned some Ways to Say Thank You and show your gratefulness to your loved ones if you feel shy in telling thanks to that person on face.

8 Ways to Say Thank You and Show Appreciation:
1. Write a Thank-you Note

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The best way to express your feelings is through writing. You can pour your heart out on paper and send it to them as a letter or as a long message on their phone or e-mail. It is the benefit of the advancement of technology that we can convey our message to the other person even when we can’t see the person in real in front of us. Thus this helps a lot in coping up with the shyness which one feels in expressing emotions directly to the other person. Be it any occasion birthday, anniversary, or even if you want to express your feelings to them in general as well writing a long thank-you note describing all your emotions goes a long way in expressing your feelings to them which you didn’t get a chance to express.

2. Send them gifts

Nothing feels better than receiving unexpected gifts from people whom we love the most. The same would be their reaction too when you will send them unexpected gifts. Sending gifts has worked out well for us as since childhood we have been receiving gifts at our every achievement. It’s a way of making us feel special. Our mood uplifts within a second when we receive any unexpected gift from anyone.

3. Throw a Party

We all love parties and celebrations and what else could be better than celebrating together your happiness thus increasing it many times over by throwing a party after a long week on weekends at a restaurant or bar. We need to take time for our loved ones to make them feel special and throwing a party is just one of the great ways of doing the same. We remain so busy in our lives that we don’t find any excuse to get together. Throwing a party just brings everyone together for once and for all thus bridging the gap which needs to be met.

4. Make a Video

The best way to make someone feel special even when you are not in front of them is by making a video expressing all your emotions telling them thanks, their importance in your life. You can talk about the memories that you have made together. A Video feels genuine and real and allows us to express ourselves which otherwise is not possible so easily on the face as we are so shy of expressing ourselves in front of them!

5. Do something for them

A glad heart always returns the favor so if you have been made glad you can choose to repay them by doing something for them in return. Be it making food for them or helping them out in daily chores at home or at work, it can be anything. By being a little bit more kind, a little bit more polite, a little bit more concerned about them you can make them feel special. These things count and can be felt by the person for sure. Have the person’s back help them when they need you to become more trustworthy and reliable to them. What could be a better way of expressing your gratitude rather than strengthening the bond that you have with them?

6. Send them flowers


Sending your loved one’s flowers is a classic way of showing appreciation but it still works. A flower bouquet along with a letter is the best way you can make someone feel special be it you proposing them or making them glad in general it works a long way. This sweet gesture is not outlandish rather is a proven way of making someone feel special for sure.

7. Write a poem for them

Poems are the best way of expressing your emotions when it comes to writing. Your handwritten poem will get imprinted in their minds forever. So try doing it to leave an indelible imprint in their minds for you thus standing out from the crowd. Poetry has always been adored by people from generations. Honest feelings presented creatively through words. Read it for them in front of them to make it even more impactful.

8. Give them a Surprise Visit

Giving your loved ones a surprise visit will make them glad like anything. It can be very moving too if you two haven’t met each other for a long time in a row. Giving surprise visits is in itself a gift as what greater could be a gift than giving the person your valuable time and attention. It is the best gift that you can offer to someone that’s you yourself.

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