How To Use LinkedIn Like a Pro [5 Effective Tips]

No matter what, if you are a newbie to LinkedIn or have some experience on using LinkedIn earlier. This guide on “How To Use LinkedIn Like a Pro” [5 most Effective and applied ways] is for you.

1. Make your Profile Professional

To make your profile look professional, you should follow the following steps:

  • Add a professional photo on your profile:
    A good and professional profile photo on the LinkedIn profile increases the chance of getting more views by 21 times as it establishes the reliability of the profile.
  • Headline Should be Attention Seeker:
    In general, the headline is created automatically when you update your positions in any company or the work you are doing on the LinkedIn Profile. But, you can change and modify it accordingly to showcase your expertise field.
  • Summary:
    The summary (or the About) section should include about you including some of the achievements that you want to showcase, skills which you want to show people who visit your profile.
  • Add other Relevant details:
    After the about section, you will find out many pre-designed blocks for mentioning your Experience, Education, Skills, and Accomplishments.
  • Ask For Recommendations:
    Recommendation is a rating along with the statement written by other Linkedin users on any of your mentioned skills. So, ask your friends, colleague, or partners for the recommendation, which will help your profile to get more credibility.

2. Connect & Interact With People

Use LinkedIn to connect with different users. You should prefer connecting more with the leaders and new up comers from your fields a

To add new connections on LinkedIn, follow these basic steps:
  • Click on My Network at the top of the screen on PC and at the bottom on the Mobile app. A list of a few people will show up to you like the people you may know along with any connection request that you got from someone else. I f you find someone to whom you would like to connect, Just press on Connect Button that appears beside profile. If you would like to connect someone by their name, find out them in the search box and the connect.

3. Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are considered as a hub for the professionals who do have an interest in any particular industry to share the content they find relevant, look for different answers, make business contacts in their fields. Join LinkedIn groups in your field and establishes yourself as an expert in that field.

4. Post Engaging Content

Post at least one content per day that should be highly valuable and interactive. You can ask your audience indirectly to comment by asking them any questions at the end of the post. Getting more comments and likes on posts increases the audience reach of that post, which will result in more audience would follow you up to see your content on a daily basis. Make sure you use hashtags effectively as I mentioned in the below point.

5. Use Hashtags Effectively

Hashtags help the users to find and come across new content that is relevant to them, which gives any post to get more and more reach resulting in higher engagement.

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When you create content to post on LinkedIn, make sure you use effective hashtags at the end of the content. It should also be used while sharing any article or video posted by other members or page on LinkedIn. To add hashtags on your post, put # before the word related to your content (for Eg.- #myfirmcare). The perks you get with LinkedIn is that they also suggest the hashtag that is related to your post when you write your own.

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