Twitter Statistics By Numbers 2020 [With Useful Facts]

Twitter Statistics by Numbers on Users, Marketing, Finance, Fun & Useful Facts.

Twitter Company Info:

Founder: Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, Noah Glass

CEO: Jack Dorsey

Launched On: 21 March, 2006

Headquarter: San Francisco, California, United States

Twitter Statistics On Users

1. Total Monthly Active Users: 330 Million+

2. Total Daily Active Users: 145 Million

3. Total Monthly Active Users on Mobile: Around 264 Million

4. Total Monthly Active Users on Desktop: Around 66 Million

5. Percentage of Male Users of Twitter: 66 % of total users

6. Percentage of Female Users of Twitter: 34 % of total users

Twitter Statistics On Finance

1. Twitter’s Revenue of Q4 2019: $1.01 Billion

2. Twitter Total Valuation: $25 Billion+

3. Total Number of Employees: 4,900

Twitter Statistics on Marketing

1. Average Time spent per session by Twitter users: 3.39 Minutes

2. Total number of tweets each day: 500 Million

3. Potential Reach of Twitter advertising: 200 Million+

4. Revenue of Twitter per employee: $210,417

LinkedIn Fun & Useful Facts

1. Twitter is considered to be the most preferred social platform for Trending News.

2. Daily limits of Tweets is 2,400 Per Day.

3. Daily limits of Direct Message (DM) on Twitter is 1,000.

4. There are over 1.35 Billion accounts on Twitter.

5. The most followed account on twitter is Barack Obama.

6. 22% of Americans are on Twitter.

7. A total of 24.5% of verified accounts are of Journalists.

8. Image in Tweets able to generate 150% more retweets in comparison to the tweets without any image.

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