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12 Tips for Better Work Life Balance

In life, we are so busy with the work that we have now no time left for our family and the people around us. Office work has consumed most hours of our day. We have become robots. We do earn money but now we have no time left to spend the same. Thus we have pathetic lifestyles and working continuously has reduced our efficiency to the point that it has started affecting the health of us all too. Thus comes the importance of having a better work-life balance so that we could manage things well in time and give time to both our personal as well as professional life. Both are interlinked, poor performance at work surely takes away the peace of mind in personal life and similarly poor relationships with people at our homes affect our work efficiency as well.

Below I have mentioned 12 certain ways through which we can have a Better Work-Life Balance:
1. Set boundaries

Setting boundaries is the very first step you can take to manage both your work as well as your personal life. Make sure that you do not intermix both of them. Keep them separate and keep your personal life private. Setting clear boundaries is the way we decide when work time is over and thus we could devote time for our family and friends without any disturbance. Also, don’t bring your personal issues at workplace. As it will begin to affect your work and thus will hamper your work profile too.

2. Turn off technology

keep aside technology

It is very important to shut off every form of technology when you are at your home. Keep notifications off and remind your colleagues to not disturb you with texts, calls or emails when you are at your home. Give undivided attention to your family. Keep it on your priority list. Don’t undermine it for your work. Know that you are working to provide for your family and what else is more precious than your time and attention that they so much long for. Happiness doesn’t come from money but from healthy relationships with people around us. Remember that.

3. Schedule Vacation time

It is very important to schedule vacation time with your family and friends away from work such that you could fill yourself with new energy and remove the stress of your work. Continuously working reduces efficiency and leads to loss of excitement and thus boredom. A good long vacation is a perfect cure for this. Do plan a good long vacation or two in a year to refill your energy tank.

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4. Plan according to your efficiency

It might be possible that you are a morning person that is your efficiency is maximum at morning hours or it can be possible that you are a night owl that is you find yourself most efficient during the night hours. Know yourself and plan your tasks accordingly. That is during the hours of your most efficiency do those tasks which are the most hectic ones and the lesser hectic ones later on. This is smart work rather hard work. Things can really become much efficient if only you could see your life and situations in a much broader way and plan wisely.

5. Prioritize your time

We all have fixed 24 hrs in a day and we need to prioritize both works as well as our family. So knowing which work should be done and which should not be is a must. Assign your priority first to those tasks which are immediate and important and then slowly and gradually to other lesser important ones. Know that there will always be people at any time of the day texting you, calling you or sending you emails. It’s your self-control to not give in to them. So try to be a bit more disciplined in your life and you will see things getting settled on their own in no time.

6. Do regular exercises


Including a regular exercise, habit is a must if you are looking for improving your overall efficiency. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body and so comes the importance of doing regular exercises. A simple habit of doing exercises on a regular basis gives really amazing results in the long run. With increased potential in you for work, you will feel light from the inside and you will not give in to fatigue during long working hours at work.

7. Do something you love

A thing you love allows you to remove the rust and dust of your daily life and helps you to gain a fresh boost of energy and makes you and your work way more productive than before. Such is the importance of setting time aside for the thing which you love to do in your life daily and you will see your life blossom in no time. Be it your childhood hobby or something you feel passionate about that makes you happy, do it. Don’t restrict yourself to do it.

8. Schedule family activities

Scheduling family activities is very important to keep your family life healthy and away from boredom. Improve the quality of your family bonds by creating memories and by doing activities together. Like going for a movie or to an amusement or water park. These things improve family bonding and make you feel connected to each other more.

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9. Avoid Perfectionism

Remember that there could be no perfect work-life balance some days you will be required to focus more on work while on other days you will be with your family more. Accepting this is maturity and is a realistic view. To know that you are human and it’s okay to have an imbalance sometimes. We are not robots we can’t be assigned to do something in strictly confined ways. It’s better and important to remain fluid.

10. Find a job that you love

Although every job has certain requirements that are meant to be met whether you like it or not but no matter what it should never be something you totally hate doing. You must enjoy doing at least some part of your job if not the whole. As if you totally hate your job you’re gonna lose enthusiasm in it sooner or later. You can’t be happy if you’re doing something you hate.

11. Prioritize your health

health-better work life balance

You must make sure that you are physically, mentally, and emotionally sound while doing your work. You must not make a compromise with your health for your work no matter what. Make health your first priority before anything else. Those perks, those bonuses for doing extra work is of no use if you are gonna suffer from your health due to the same.

12. Manage your work

It is very important to manage your work in such a way that you have enough time left for your family too. Try to keep the chores done on time so that you may not end up with piles of backlogs. They create even more stress. Getting things done on time so that you don’t have to worry about your work when you are enjoying your family time is being the best manager!

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