6 Things to Consider Before Writing A Philosophy

In human life, we come across various situations where either we don’t know what to do or we feel like lacking decision making at some level due to lack of our wisdom as we are experiencing those situations for the first time. So we need to know the basic knowledge so that next time something happens we better know beforehand how to deal with it. At such times comes the role of Writing A Philosophy in our life. Below are 6 Things that you Should Consider Before Writing A Philosophy.

Philosophy is a set of beliefs or ideals used to describe thoughts, and behaviour.

1. Read other philosopher’s works

The first thing that you can do to form your philosophy is reading other philosophers. There have been various timeless philosophers whose philosophy is really a guiding light for us all. They help us know our own neglected thoughts, things we often come across, and are true but never thought of penning them down in a beautiful artistic way. Reading makes you question your own thoughts. At some points, you would agree and at some, you will probably disagree and that way of thinking and critically analyzing the information that is present before you develop your own thinking, your own set of beliefs which serve as a guiding light to you in the times of your need.

2. Observe

The second thing you can do is observation. Observe your surroundings, the people around you, their emotions, their thoughts, behavior, everything. Understanding human psychology goes a long way in developing your own philosophy. All thoughts come from human life and its observation. We speak on the basis of our experiences good or bad. Our experiences define our life especially during the earlier phase of our life as said by Michael Jackson “All of us are products of our childhood”.

3. Pen down your thoughts

The next step that you can do is penning down your own thoughts. Penning down your own thoughts helps you better observe your own thoughts and actually tells you your own deep down set of beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. Especially in poetry one talks with his own subconscious self and gets to understand himself better. No matter what you do know that deep down you are defined by who you are from the inside and not by the toys that you gather in your life.

4. Meet other Philosophers

Having philosophers as your friends are pretty cool as you get to know their thinking on a much personal level. The best way you can do this is by joining a poetry group or something like that where you can meet new people who have an interest in poetry, life, and philosophy in general. That helps you to hold yourself in times of need too as they have a better understanding of life and can really give you life-changing advice.

5. Meditation and Introspection

Take time out of your busy schedule and sit with yourself. Track and analyze your thoughts as they come and go. A greater level of self-awareness helps you stay aware of who you are and what you feel. It’s embracing your own core self and allowing yourself to know your own self better. The prerequisite of having a philosophy is self-awareness. You can’t say a statement unless you yourself do believe in it from your core.

6. Become a better person

Our philosophy is our own thoughts and thoughts are reflected from your actions, the things you do define you better than your words. So live your words, your thoughts otherwise it is of no use. As the famous saying goes “Practice what you preach”. You must live by your words by becoming a better person. As all philosophy’s aim is to help us live our life in a better way, to provide us a way of thinking, a hope, a guiding light as we don’t come on the earth with guiding manuals in our hands.

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