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How to Tap Into Your Subconscious Mind

Subconscious mind a term very uncommon to many is a way of thinking to make things happen. We live our life thinking, whatever happens, is nothing but our fate and it seems very difficult to understand that it is not so. It takes a long time to realise that it is rather what most of the time we ourselves lead it to happen to us. Yes, we choose our destiny subconsciously and now it is the time to let you know the ways that will enable you to tap into your subconscious mind so that you could become the master of your faith. Below I have mentioned some well-tried and tested methods that will enable you to tap into your subconscious mind.

How to Tap Into Your Subconscious Mind:
1. Introspection

The most important thing is to do introspection as when you do introspection you shut down and zone out from your external surroundings and look within to analyse your own thoughts and feelings. Introspection is indeed a task as our mind is constantly roaming around. To be able to calm that and think with much self-awareness is indeed a skill which takes time to master but with regular practice, it can be achieved. By tapping into your thoughts and feelings you are able to analyse your current thoughts and beliefs that are gonna direct the course of your life.

2. Start writing a journal

Journaling seems boring but is actually very satisfying as whatever words that you’re gonna write into it are about your own life. It’s like manifesting your own desires like a wish laid upon the shooting stars. You write and let it go into the universe and the universe will find it’s ways to give back to you all that you have asked for. It seems filmy ad unrealistic but is actually true as if you look at your life or life of any other person you will realise that it’s nothing but the thoughts and core beliefs of that person that directed the way of his life.

Life will give you enough opportunities but we often miss them as we never focus on them just like after reading a new word in your vocabulary you start seeing it everywhere just like that opportunities are always present in front of you but to grab them you need to put your thought first to it. Everything is made twice first in your mind and then in the reality itself. Remember that.

3. Desire

Desire is everything if you won’t desire you won’t get it. Just like the Rumi quote “Whatever that you are seeking is seeking you!” is actually true. Quote by Preeti Shenoy

Your heart has it’s reasons, your heart always knows, always! – Preeti Shenoy

is very true. You just need to believe in it and it will lead your way. You need to replace fear with faith and you need to have a belief on your own and you will start realizing whatever that you do desire in your life.

4. Stay away from negative comments

You need to realise that no matter how much you may ignore but emotions are by default contagious and they will affect you if you allowed yourself to be under their influence. So choose your company wisely to stay away from -ve people and their comments rather be only under the influence of those who motivate you to encourage you to be more. Fear can make you helpless there are many people out there who try to guide their children with the help of fear. It seldom helps rather most of the time it discourages the person instead. Seek the guidance of those who use faith as a medium to guide you rather than fear. Don’t let anyone’s insecurity affect your opinion about yourself.

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5. Visualization technique

Visualization technique seems unrealistic as in this technique we ask the person to visualize whatever he wants to achieve as if he has already achieved. We make him live his dreams as if achieved. This process is very satisfying indeed as it helps the person to have faith in what he wants to achieve in his life. It is rightly said that if you think you can and if think you can’t in both the cases you are right. Put yourself in high esteem know that your perception about yourself is your reality. Don’t let others decide your own perception. Believe in yourself that you deserve the best and the ways will start opening up to you in no time.

6. Have a strong belief system

The belief system is all about having some firmly held beliefs to live by. Speak from your heart when you do. Firmly believe in whatever that you do and it will surely start manifesting in real. Whatever you will demand with conviction you will get it. Just like the Rumi quote “open thy hands if you wanna be held” open yourself up to new opportunities that come to your way. Don’t hold yourself back. Have a mindset of “Being either all in or all out. Nothing in between. As anything done half-heartedly amounts to nothing. Be passionate in whatever that you do or wanna do. Let your thoughts be backed up by strong emotions. Having the three C’s of success the Courage, Conviction, and compassion really help one go a long way.

7. Meditate

Meditation has several benefits one of its benefits is that it helps one to tap into his subconscious mind. Meditation is the process that literally helps the person zone out from external surroundings and helps him to tap into his subconscious and listen to his inner voice. Thus meditation goes a long way to help one tap into his subconscious. It just requires a bit of patience as in the beginning it is very difficult to keep yourself calm for even a few minutes but soon you will begin to sit for longer time periods and soon you will be able to keep yourself calm and free yourself from your own inner jumbled thoughts and feelings and will be able to recognise your deep inner thoughts. They are hidden deep inside they need to be unearthed by you and you only can do that for yourself not anyone else.

8. Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is the best way of adding happiness, peacefulness, and fulfillment into your life. Make it a habit to inculcate the practice of giving genuine thankfulness to god as peace lies in submission, in gratitude, in thanksgiving, in feeling blessed for what you have and may have in future for when you came here in this world you came with nothing. There is a thing about all the holy places, you find peace in there, as you bow down your head and wash away your ego, your designation, you become humbled. For in the eyes of God everyone is his child and when you begin to submit to him, with both of your hands you shall begin to receive.

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