How to Stream Mobile Games on YouTube [Android/iOS Guide]

No wonder, the gaming world is growing day by day. Especially, the android gaming industry is earning a fortune.  Furthermore, the pro gamers, love to show off their skills on online platforms like YouTube, Facebook Instagram, Twitch, etc. They also teach the newbies their gaming skills and give them useful tips to improve their gameplay. Also, if you want to earn some bucks as a YouTuber by live-Stream Mobile Games on YouTube then follow the below guide.

In this article, you will learn how to stream your gameplay on one of the most popular online platforms, Youtube. After reading and following the instructions in this article you will be able to show off your gaming skills to your friends and online audiences.

Step by step process on How to Stream Mobile Games on YouTube:
Using YouTube Apk

Note: You can only use the youtube app to live-stream your gameplay, only if you have minimum criteria of at least 1,000 Subscribers. It may be a barrier for some people, who don’t meet this eligibility criteria but we have got them covered too in the second way.

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1) Open the YouTube app on your device.

2) Click on the icon of “Video Camera” present at the top right side, beside the search button.

3) Here you will find two options, Record, and Go live. Click on Go Live.

4) Allow the youtube app to access your device’s Camera, and Microphone by clicking on Allow Access Button.

5) You will see two icons in the top right corner: a phone icon and a camera icon.

The camera icon will show the video taken from your phone’s camera in the live stream and the phone icon will stream what is being displayed on your phone’s screen.

Select the phone icon.

6) Then in the “Create a Title” bar, enter the name of the video (live stream).

7) Enter the description of your video and customize the privacy settings.

8) Tap Next at the bottom of the screen. Then choose your thumbnail and the screen resolution.

9) Tap on Go live at the bottom of the screen.

Using OBS

The best part of using OBS to live stream your gameplay on Youtube is that you don’t need to meet any eligibility criteria.

How to stream to YouTube using Streamlabs

1) Download the Streamlabs app from Playstore (on your android device) or Appstore (on your iPhone).

2) Login into the app using the “Log In With YouTube” option.

3) Once you log in with the youtube account, it will ask you to select the source of the stream. Choose “Screen” as source.

4) Click on “Enable Camera & Mic” Option to grant the app permission to live stream your gameplay along with video & audio.

5) Select the Red Stream icon present at the bottom center of the screen.

6) Select one option among the given four option as per your type of live stream and then press OK

7) Now, you’re live on your own YouTube Channel or your videos will be recorded on your channel and will be live for your audience at the time you have scheduled.

You can also see the stream later on youtube. It will display along with the other videos that you have uploaded.


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