How to Stream Mobile Games on Facebook [Android/iOS Guide]

Growing your gaming audience does not only limit to YouTube and Twitch. Facebook has become one of the most popular apps to live Stream Mobile Games.

Now streaming on Facebook has become much easier than before it was and the reason behind this that Facebook has announced and released its own app for live streaming Gameplay and playing games, namely “Facebook Gaming: Watch, Play, and Connect”.

Note: This is app is available only for android users as of now.

Step by step process on How to Stream Mobile Games on Facebook using Facebook Gaming:

1) Download Facebook Gaming App.
To download this app, go to playstore on your android device and search for “Facebook Gaming”, download and install from there itself.
The size of this app is 53 MB.

2) Open the app and Sign in with your Facebook account.

3) Go to your profile page and then click on the Go Live button.

4) Allow the app to display over other apps by clicking on OK button. After clicking on the Ok button, It will redirect to settings of your mobile where you need to give access to the app from settings.

5) After allowing app to draw over other apps from settings, go back to your Facebook gaming application again. Here you will find the list of games installed on your device that you may want to live stream, choose one of those listed games to live stream its Gameplay.

6) In the next step, tap the icon of “Video Camera”, it will launch the game that you have selected to live stream.

7) You will also find the “Flive” written at the top of your screen. Clicking on “Flive” will give you many options to customize your stream.

8) Now to use microphone and video while live streaming your game, you can use it by giving access by tapping on their icon located at the top right corner.

9) After allowing access, you can see the preview of how you will look during the stream. You can easily move this preview wherever you want so that people can see the important parts of the game easily. Also, you can change its size by tapping on its side.

10) At the bottom of the screen, you can change the Facebook profile where you want to stream the game, by tapping on the icon present against your selected profile name. Also, here you can select your audiences (whether the stream should be shared among the public, private, friends, etc).

11) Type about your game in the empty space and then hit the Go live blue button at the bottom of the screen. Your stream on Facebook will start. People will see the stream on your Facebook page.

Note:- Even during the game you can easily move your picture anywhere you want.

12) To check the history of your live stream, just go to the page and click on the icon (three parallel horizontal lines) located at the top right of the screen. Here you will find the list of all your videos.

Using OBS

The best part of using OBS is that it is available for both, Android and iOS.

How to Stream Mobile Games on Facebook using Streamlabs

1) Download & install the Streamlabs app from Playstore (on your android device) or Appstore (on your iPhone).

2) Sign into the app using the “Log In With Facebook” option.

3) After you log in with the Facebook account, Select “Screen” as source of the stream in the next dialogue box.

4) Grant the app permission to live stream your gameplay by clicking on “Enable Camera & Mic” Option.

5) Select the Red Stream icon present at the bottom center of the screen.

6) Input the info of the stream and then press OK

7) Now, you are all set to go live on your Facebook Page.


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