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How to Stop Overthinking [10 Proven Ways]

Many times in our life we feel ourselves to be stuck in a constant loop of never-ending circles. It generally happens when we are not able to find out why something terrible happened to us. We seek wisdom when we fall to the crisis but as god sent us on the earth with no guiding instruction manuals we many times despite our best efforts end up falling from grace which leaves us with numerous unanswered questions. Who, where, when, why you cry. You feel helpless, miserable, lost, confused, and depressed. You get overpowered with anxiety, fear, hopelessness, and sorrow. At that time you need to remind yourself that you are stronger than your problems and no matter how many hardships you may face this world would still be a very beautiful place to live in. To overcome all those you need to learn How to Stop Overthinking.

The following are 10 ways through which you can stop overthinking and fill yourself with peace.

1. Do meditation

Meditation is the best way to calm down your violent sea of thoughts and emotions. Doing Meditation will make you realize how close to the brink of madness we remain most of the time and how we forget our actual state of mind which is so cool, calm and collected in real. Meditation will clear the space of your mind to allow the inner gladness to seep in.

2. Ask for help

Know that in a situation where you feel yourself to be lost in the sea of -ve thoughts and overthinking there is nothing wrong in asking out for help from somebody. Know that it is not an act of shame to ask for help rather it is an act of courage. It is not an emotional dependency but rather it is being human. Humanity lies in sharing and caring and not in self-gratification and faking invincibility. Remove the ego of self and be humble enough to ask for help. As Rumi says “Open your hands if you want to be held”.

3. Listen to Music

Music is the best healer and is one of the most effective ways on How to Stop Overthinking. It is said by Christopher Marlowe that “Luxury is to find companions in woe”. We feel our heart lightened when we find someone with whom we could relate and share our problem. Music serves the best way which comes quite handy as well as soothing as we know that “Our most beautiful songs have the saddest lyrics” it is the work of great music to stir human souls to tears. That sadness has its warmth which is very important which creates the aura in which a person feels comforted and understood well. Many times we come across lyrics while listening to music which feels as if it is written just for you. This is the magic of great music that it helps you to relate with yourself and tells you that you are not alone out there and we are here to support you, strengthen you, till you are again just like you were before.

4. Fool your mind, distract yourself

Your thoughts are interlinked when you get into a particular mood you end up getting multiple thoughts of the same mood. At that time it is important to remind yourself that you can change your mood anytime that too on your own wish. Meet cheerful people, watch something funny it helps you a lot to distract yourself and can make you forget your miseries. A good dose of genuine laughter every day helps you to keep things light and reminds you that it is life don’t take it too much seriously as nobody is gonna get out of it alive. Also, William Shakespeare has coined “Life is a tale told by an idiot full of the sound of fury signifying nothing”. So remember that and keep yourself light-hearted most of the time as most part of our grief and sadness is self-inflicted as we make mountains out of molehills and then panic like anything.

5. Practice Gratitude

The best way through which you can practice gratitude and feel fulfilled is by penning down all the things that you do have for example:- a great family, trustworthy friends, some natural talent, or something that makes you different than others. Be thankful to the almighty for giving you all those and feel blessed which will ultimately make you think less on what you might not be having which is making you overthink your situation. Remember that when you came in this world you came with nothing so now whatever you have is actually is in positive so be grateful for that and stop whining like a lost child.

6. List your achievements

The best way you feel good about yourself is to write down the things you ever felt proud of in your life, the times when you were admired by the people around you. Cherish those memories and embrace them as that’s your reality. As Kahlil Gibran says never judge a chain by its weakest link for it is just the effect of changing seasons and nothing more” judge yourself by your best moments. Every artist whether ii is a writer or a painter or a musician is remembered by his best piece of work and not by his worst piece of creation that he ever made remember that.

7. Read Literature books

Literature filters life and presents in front of you the defects and loopholes of the society which are timeless and ageless. The sign of a work of great literature is that people even after 100 years can relate to the message given in that piece of work. For example- Shakespeare plays are still widely read even after more than 400 years when the works were published. The reason being people could relate with it still now and it has the capability to stir souls still now. Reading timeless literature books can help you feel felt and understood and it can give answers to the questions which are making you overthink.

8. Learn Self Awareness

Another way to calm your mind and stop overthinking is to dwell in your thoughts once and for all. Take out a sheet of paper and a pen and start scribbling down whatever that comes to your mind and in that way, you would be able to track your train of thoughts also you will be able to know yourself better and would feel better too once you will be able to free yourself of all your excess thoughts to which you were holding on to before.

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9. Be kind to yourself

It is very common in a situation where you are overthinking to blame yourself. In doing so its quite obvious that you can end up getting stuck in the constant loop of -ve thoughts like hopelessness, gloom, and despair which can further lead to depression in its extreme. It’s important at that point of time to be first kind to yourself to accept that it is a part of life and there is nothing wrong with locking yourself in a room and crying your heart out. Don’t put yourself at fault in any way. Embrace yourself, love yourself, and most importantly be proud of yourself. “Wear your scars like as if ornaments.”

10. Draw your heart out

It is a thing well known that art is a stress buster you can find a way to express yourself through the art. You can take your lightest shade of pencil, to begin with, and can start drawing your inner self how you are feeling then you can paint it and fill it with colors accordingly. The most beautiful works of art show the delicacy of human life, they have an ability to make pain look beautiful as it is a part of being a human being and not something to be ashamed of.

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