How To Choose A Startup Name [Complete Guide]

Naming your startup is one of the most important steps before launching any startup. As we all know that choosing a perfect name would significantly help in the success of any Business. Launching your startup and looking for a perfect name that suits to it? Here, We came up with an article on “How To Choose A Startup Name” that would definitely help you in naming your startup.

Some of us still think that naming your startup company is not a big deal. But no, that’s not true! You will realize it sooner or later, how frustrating and disappointing this task can become.

You will come up with random names, in starting they feel good to you but after doing research you will get to know that name you thought would suitable to your startup is not any more suitable for the same.

Tip: Always have a notepad and pen with you while thinking for the startup name, to write every name that comes up in your mind. Take time before finalizing any name.

9 Steps to go before finalizing any name for your startup:

1. Easy To Say

If your company name is easy to say & pronounce, people will love it. You won’t have to correct someone (on how to pronounce) and it will be easily found online (It should be exactly spelled as you pronounce).

There are a lot of examples of many entrepreneurs that how smartly they picked up their business name that is very easy to pronounce and say it aloud. Facebook, Apple, Pizzahut, KFC (they use the abbreviation which is easy to say and full form is “Kentucky Fried Chicken” )and so on.

Also, remember the name should be easy to say as well as aloud in front of others.

2. Never Put limitation

Maybe your startup is working on something specific at the initial stage and names related to that work may suit it initially. But if you decide to expand your business in other fields, you may find it difficult with that name as it has limitations.

So always make sure that your name doesn’t have any limitation just for working on any particular field. It would be very easy to expand your work at a later stage when there is no limitation.

3. Catchy Name

Try to think of something that stays longer in your mind and you will know yourself when you got yourself hooked on it. 

Everyone remembers the name of Dell, as it is catchy & easy to remember. Never attach another brand name to your startup name to make people remember it. It won’t be catchy for anyone to remember your business name, rather it will be a bad idea.

To make sure that everyone remembers your startup name, it should be short, clear, and different.

4. Be Unique! 

Just be original and unique, choose the word that is suitable for your startup. Show some creativity, but also don’t make it worse by trying to make it rhyme or even misspelling. Misspelling has its own disadvantages. Your customers won’t able to find you online even though they heard about your startup, as they don’t know the spelling of your startup

5. Use Search Engine

After coming up with names, you have to make sure that the name you come up with is not taken anywhere. Not even a social media account (a huge fan-based social media profile) or a small restaurant. 

Just take time research and look carefully!

6. See If Domain Name Is Available

Once you have left with few names after a lot of research and omission, just go to any domain name provider like GoDaddy. Check if your name is available or taken. There maybe be some premium domain for sale, which was previously acquired by someone. If that name is on the list, then you can buy it too, only if the price is your pocket friendly.

And if you haven’t got anything in your mind this further, you can take advantage of some tools available online.

Here are some tools that I listed you can go through them as well.

  1. Shopify
  2. Namelif
  3. Squadhelp
  4. Oberlo
7. Ask For Feedback!

You wrestled alone for a long time, now its time to take feedback when you are left with few names. Consider those people for taking feedback who are trustworthy to you. You can also ask in the online community if you are not insecure about someone stealing your name.

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8. Research trademark!

Also, have a look at the aspects of a trademark for your name. Take some time to explore if you can trademark your name or not. It’s good to secure your name from any theft.

9. Are You Happy?

In the end, what matters the most that are you happy(satisfied) with the name? It’s your own company, treat it like a person you love or care about because you will be known and responsible for it.

You can’t change someone’s name many times. Right? So, take time(not years) to decide the name. You don’t want to go through a lot of processes to change the name in the future. (Changing a business name is after some year of establishment is generally a bad idea If not executed the change properly) Make sure you don’t name something that you regret in the future. 

All the best!!

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