Plasma For COVID-19 Treatment? Check India-Wide Helplines

The social media platforms are flooded with requests for plasma donors to help their loved ones recover from COVID-19 or coronavirus. With a surge in cases, India is witnessing a heavy demand for plasma from recovered patients but there is a shortage in hospitals

The plasma therapy involved taking antibodies from people who have recovered from Covid-19 and transfusing it into a novel coronavirus patient. It is important to note here that plasma is not the primary therapy to treat the deadly virus and not everyone is eligible for it.

We have collated a city-wise list of banks/donors who you can contact in case of a plasma emergency. This information has been collated from across the internet, personal networks, and communication apps like WhatsApp. We hope this list makes the search for these resources easier for those in urgent need. Please make sure you call the helpline and verify in areas specific to you as resources can change, or be unavailable.

Pan India 


Group arranging plasma: Mumbai North Central District Forum — TwitterInstagram


  • Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences:
  • Delhi Police Jivendayani: 8800660677
  • A list of resources:

delhi plasma


Covid Helpline:



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