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A picture speaks more than a thousand words. And in this era of social media, we all love to share and see pictures online. Some of us love to share our own ideas, while some get inspiration by seeing the pictures online, while some of us love to download pictures from the web to use them as our device wallpapers or profile pictures. For doing all this, we have a stunning social media service on the web known as “Pinterest”.

According to Wikipedia, Pinterest is an American image sharing and social media service designed to enable saving and discovery of information on the World Wide Web using images and, on a smaller scale, GIFs and videos, in the form of pinboards.

On Pinterest, you can easily share your own pictures or save them to your boards or you can also download the awesome pictures to use them offline.

Beginners Complete Guide on How to Use Pinterest:

1. Getting Started

The official website link:

You can either use the website on the browser or you can download the app for your smartphone. Pinterest is also available as a desktop app.

To download the desktop app go to Microsoft Store or AppStore.

Download the app from Playstore (for your android) and from AppStore (for your iPhone).

This app is just 18 MB in size.

Steps to create an account on Pinterest:

Step 1) Go to the website or download the app on the device.

Step 2) In the Sign-up window, enter your e-mail and password or continue with Facebook/Google.

Step 3) After entering your email and password click on “Continue”.

Step 4) Choose topics of interest.

Step 5) Check out your home page by clicking on the Pinterest icon at the top left corner.

  • Pins:

All the images, GIFs, or short videos on Pinterest are called Pins.

  • Boards:

These are sections in which you save all your pins. For different types of pins, you can create different boards.

  • Home:

Whenever you open Pinterest on the website or the app, the first that will open will be Home. Here you can see pins of your interest and they are related to your created boards. You can also go back to home by clicking on the “Pinterest” icon on the top left corner on the website and in the bottom left in the app.

2. Create a Board

Boards can help keep the pins related to different topics separately.

For example:- If you have some pins related to cooking and others related to fashion, you can easily create boards named “Cooking” and “Fashion”, and keep the pins related to cooking in the “Cooking” board and the pins related to fashion in the “Fashion” board.

Steps to create a board on Pinterest:

Step 1) Click on the “+” button at the top right in the “Boards section”

Step 2) Select board.

Step 3) Enter the name of your board.

Step 4) Click on “Create”.

3. Pins

As mentioned above, pins are all the videos, GIFs, and images on Pinterest. So, let’s see how to save, search, download, upload, and share your pin.

How to Save Pin:
  • Website Version:

To save a pin in a board:

Step 1) Select the pin that you want to save.

Step 2) Choose the board from the right in which you want to save the pin.

Step 3) Click on “Save”

Or you can also save the pins directly from home:

Step 1) Hover over the pin you want to save.

Step 2) At the top of the pic, choose your board where the pin is going to be saved by clicking on the down arrow.

Step 3) Click on “Save”.

  • Mobile app version:

To save a pin in the board:

Step 1) Tap and the pin you want to save.

Step 2) Tap “Save”.

Step 3) Select the board and your pin will be saved on the board.

And to save your pin directly from the home:

Step 1) Tap and hold the pin.

Step 2) Slide to the “Pin” icon.

Step 3) Choose the board and your pin will be saved.


To search for your favourite ideas or topics of interest:

1) In the mobile phone app tap on the “Magnifying glass” icon at the bottom of the screen.

2) Enter your topics of interest in the search bar at the top of the screen. (In the desktop version, the search bar is already present at the top of the screen in the home.)


To download a pin:

1) Select the pin.

2) Click/Tap on the ellipses (three dots).

3) Select download.


To share a pin:

1) Hover/Tap and hold over the pin and select the “Share” icon.

2) Select the method by which you want to share.


To upload your media file on Pinterest:

1) Click on the “+” icon.

2) Select “Create Pin’

3) Drag and drop your file or click on the space given. ( In the mobile app version select camera or the “Web icon” to find on the web)

4) Enter the title and description.

5) Add the destination link or click on “Save from site” at the bottom of the screen if you want to save a file from a website.

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