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How to Overcome Trauma [8 Effective Ways]

Life as beautiful as it seems sometimes becomes as ugly as you could possibly think. Things happen unexpectedly leaving you with a shock that takes years to overcome and heal. Such unexpected disturbing events are called traumas and we need to learn Overcome Trauma.

Everyone once in their life undergoes through such situations, everybody has a dark phase in their life. When they felt helpless, unloved, bruised, or taken advantage of. Traumas disturb your mental peace and thus leave you overthinking for what had just happened. You feel a deep hurt as if a knife stabbed inside. These types of events reoccur in the mind again and again. You get stuck in a never-ending loop trying to find the reasons why but couldn’t.

At that point of time, it is important to remind you that your past is not your reality but your present is. It definitely feels miserable when the castle of your hopes comes shattering down in front of your eyes in the blink of an eye. You feel lost, devastated, annihilated from within. You find no meaning in life but you need to remind yourself that there is and no matter how many hardships you may face this life would still be a very beautiful place to live in.

To regain hope, to restart your life from the scratch you need to have faith in yourself and a belief that failure is not fatal and no matter how dark the surrounding environment is looking at the present, your bright future is waiting for you at the other end of the dark tunnel you’re in. You need to believe in that ray of hope, in that light at the other end, in that little voice inside you that you can do it. Replacing fear with faith you need to move forward and come off with flying colors. Below I am gonna tell you some sure and certain ways which will help you heal your traumatic experiences and thus helping you move on again with your life.

8 Effective Ways on How to Overcome Trauma:

1. Express Yourself

When we get traumatized we find ourselves numb by the sudden shock. We find unable to express ourselves. Feeling lost and cold from within. At that point of time, you need to start to feel yourself once again. You need to get over that shock slowly and gradually. You don’t need to neglect the memories of that event to move on but to relive it again and again slowly and gradually getting over the shock accepting it. The best way you can put your thoughts out is by writing. Writing is healing, as you dig out your deepest core emotions you slowly begin to heal and move on in your life.

2. Seek Support

Lean on to a trustworthy friend, someone who can listen to you without judging or offering any sort of unsolicited advice. Seek support don’t feel embarrassed as Rumi says “Open thy hands if you wanna be held”. Thus having such a friend by your side can help you feel understood and can help you regain your ability to trust people again. Don’t end up isolating yourself believing no one is gonna help you. Have faith in humanity, in the universal brotherhood that you are not alone. Just because of some people don’t lose faith in all humanity. In extreme cases, you can also consult a therapist without being ashamed of the same.

3. Do Exercises

Doing exercises is the best way to rebuild yourself. It is the best way to build something out of nothing. Join a gym or yoga classes or just do some exercises on your own but make your body move, sweat a bit and you will start to feel good about yourself as by doing exercises we release +ve hormones which make us feel good from the inside.

4. Read Some Self-help Books

There are plenty of books written and are available in the market that can make you feel good about yourself. Literature has always been the mirror of society many times we find our own situation very similar to the life of the characters present in the book. Thus reading helps you to relate yourself and feel understood.


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5. Help Someone

Helping someone out also helps you feel your sense of power. It makes you feel good about yourself. A heart full of gratitude and blessings towards you is more than anything that you could possibly buy with money. You will feel rich from the inside. So help someone and begin to feel good yourself.

6. Meet Friends

If your trauma has been because of someone you lost, possibly a lover then it’s quite obvious that you might begin to feel lonely deep down, and thus comes the importance of meeting new friends who could help you regain your faith in people and could make you feel good once again. Thus don’t close your heart to someone new just because you have been betrayed once.

7. Laugh

It is said that laughter is the best medicine and the best part is that it is available for free. It helps you realize how we fail to recognize small joys in the process of achieving the bigger ones. In the process of making our future secure, we end up forgetting to live our present to the fullest. Laughter helps uplift up our moods in no time. So laugh out aloud for you are still alive, laugh out aloud that everyone is gonna die someday, laugh out aloud that they are actually lost and not focussed, laugh out aloud that they have forgotten to live, laugh out aloud that you are way smarter than them as you live in the present moment.

8. Love What You Do

Life is to love. No matter what you do may love be its core. Thus whatever that you will do will be thus full of love too. As Kahlil Gibran said, “Work is Love made visible”. Thus doing something you love will help you feel loved too. If you are artistic you can show your creativity through your artworks as art tickles down you to the point that you become compelled to shed off the rust and dust of your daily life. Art reminds us how beautiful we are!

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