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How to Overcome Depression: 10 Effective Tips

Depression is a term that is most commonly heard in today’s time. Almost everyone in today’s lifestyle has come through this phase and felt their energy-draining leading to a lack of enthusiasm in things that used to interest them before. So, now is the time we need to learn how to overcome depression.

10 Most Effective Tips on How to Overcome Depression:
1. Seek Help

Know that your problems were not making you strong when after they were gone they left you with trust issues, low self-esteem, and oversensitivity rather they were making you strong only till you were fighting being stronger than them once they start overpowering you stop fooling yourself around and seek help!

We miss or neglect this thing most of the time. We act invincible not realizing, how vulnerable we actually are! Any epidemic and pandemic, any natural calamity can happen anytime and can take away our lives. We should not be so harsh on yourself it is time to be a bit realistic and to be a bit kind towards one another.

2. This too shall pass

We all have heard the ” This too shall pass story” in which Once a king called upon all of his wise men and asked them,” Is there a mantra or suggestion which works in every situation, in every circumstance, in every place and in every time. In every joy, every sorrow, every defeat, and every victory? One answer to all questions? Something which can help me when none of you is available to advise me? Tell me is there any mantra?”. The mantra was ” THIS TOO SHALL PASS” that is no matter what kind of situation you are in good or bad it is not permanent it passes. One must remember that if one’s sun is not shining today it doesn’t mean that darkness is one’s destiny. Your present moment doesn’t determine your future life. It might be possible that the best moments of your life are still yet to come!

3. Change your thought patterns

When you are in a state of depression you are stuck in a constant loop of -ve thought patterns which are making you feel down and hopeless and making you feel as if life is futile. One needs to change his thought patterns, first of all, know that you can! Once you would change your thought patterns your mindset will change too. Focus on the sunny sides of the things, something to look forward too. Find yourself a reason to live. Something to build upon in your life. It can be your children, family anything. Know that you are not alone, there are people who would be affected when you would be gone. Know that you would be missed. Don’t be the cause of pain to any other by attempting suicide. Know that if you have come in depression you can come out of it too.

4. Let others know how you feel

The most important thing to do at this time is letting others know how you feel. It is very obvious that when you are feeling depressed you may find yourself alone and feel that nobody relates to how you feel so it’s not worth discussing or because of fear of judgement or troubling others you keep it to yourself but know that it would be of no use, you would end up troubling your family more if you took any wrong step. As Rumi says ” Open thy hands if you wanna be held!” That is if you want to support, then you have to come forward and ask for it without shame as nobody knows what’s going inside of your head, what’s the pain behind your smile unless you let them know!

5. Keep yourself socially active

No matter how down you are feeling keep your social lifestyle active don’t put yourself off and alone in a dark room dwelling in your thoughts. Doing this will only make you feel even more miserable. Know that emotions are contagious when you will come in contact with cheerful people you will naturally begin to feel good from within. You always have a choice to choose how you feel. “Know that your mood is your fragrance, make sure that you smell nice!”.

6. Express yourself

It is very important to keep your creativity alive as when you are depressed you don’t feel like doing anything. You feel numb or as if lost, you lose interest in the things which you earlier used to have fun doing. Thus you need to keep expressing yourself to keep your creative spirits alive to know your thoughts and feelings at the moment also to feel good as doing arts is in itself a form of healing be it writing or painting or any other art form.

7. Do Exercises

Join a Gym

Doing exercises is very important in keeping yourself energized throughout the day. Doing exercises release +ve hormones in you which makes you happy. Thus doing exercises is important especially when you are feeling sad, depressed, and lost. Make a schedule and include doing exercises in it on a regular basis to improve your well being and to come out of your depressed thoughts over time.

8. Do something fun and exciting

One of the major effects of depression is a loss of excitement. You may feel that and to feel that again you need to do something fun and exciting again! Plan something to do with your friends and family, a day out maybe or something that makes you feel more social. Try to see the beauty in the things around you, know that Nature is god’s way of letting you know that no matter how many hardships you face this world would still be a very beautiful place to live in!

9. Take professional help

Know that depression if severe needs a doctor to help you out deal with it. You must not refrain from seeking professional help if you feel that it is becoming overbearing. You need to be honest with you how you are feeling and react accordingly to that. Seeking professional help is one of the things especially in a country like India where it is treated as a taboo. People refrain from seeking the help of a doctor as then the society will term them as mentally ill and start judging them. It takes a lot of courage to do that but know that you have to do it if necessary and have to rise above the criticism of society for your own well being.

10. Eat Healthy food

eat healhty

Depression affects appetite. You may feel like not eating anything at all. Thus comes the importance of eating healthy food no matter what, as proper nutrition directly affects your mood and feelings. Eat healthily, stay healthy. A good breakfast can keep your mood light all day long. Don’t skip it even if you don’t feel like eating anything at all.

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