Mitron App Statistics By Numbers 2020 [With Useful Facts]

Mitron is a free app that is made to create and publish Short Videos by lipsyncing or other innovative ideas. It is designed and developed by an Indian Student. Mitron app provides an easy and seamless interface for its users to create, edit, and share their innovative videos, along with the option of browsing other’s videos published by creators across the globe.

About Mitro App:

Owned By: MitroTV

Developer: Shivank Agarwal (as in news)

  • Qualification: B. Tech Student
  • College: IIT Roorkee

But the fact is MitroTV Bought the Source Code of TicTic by QBoxus Team (based in Pakistan) for a sum of around $34.

Released On: 11 April 2020

Released in: India

Mitron App Statistics On Users

1. Total Users of MitronTV: 5 Million +

2. Percentage of Male Users of Mitron: 78 % of total users (Estimation)

3. Percentage of Female Users of Mitron: 22 % of total users (Estimation)

Mitron App Fun & Useful Facts

1. Mitron is an Indian Developed App.

2. It is developed by a student, Shivank Agarwal

3. Shivank Agarwal is pursuing B.Tech from IIT Roorkee

4. The design and function of this app is similar to TikTok.

5. For now, Mitron is available only for Android devices (Play Store).

6. Within a month, this app has crossed more than 50 lakh downloads on Play Store.

7. This app gained huge popularity in a very minimal amount of time.

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8. The term used to name this apk “Mitron” means Friends in Hindi.

9. “Mitron” term is used by PM Narendra Modi in almost every speech to address the people.

10. Within a month of its release, this app occupied the Number Two position on the Google Play Store.

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