LinkedIn Statistics By Numbers 2020 [With Useful Facts]

LinkedIn Statistics by Numbers on Users, Marketing, Finance, Fun & Useful Facts.

LinkedIn is a business and employee-oriented networking site. The main purpose of LinkedIn is to connect the world with influencers, CEO, learners, and employees through job listing, contents and certification courses.  LinkedIn provides features like job searches, who viewed your profile (people voted it to be the best), LinkedIn Learning, and LinkedIn SlideShare.

It helps you build a connection between job seekers, employees, and employers, helping each other, and creating professional relationships. Let’s find out more about LinkedIn statistics on Users, marketing stats, finance and fun facts & more.

LinkedIn Company Info:

Founder: Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Ericly, Jean Luc Vaillant

CEO: Jeff Weiner

Founded On: 2002

Headquarter: Sunnyvale, California, United States

LinkedIn Statistics On Users

1. Total Monthly Active Users: 675 Million+

2. Total Monthly Active Users on Mobile: 63 Million+

3. Percentage of Male Users of LinkedIn: 56 % of total users

4. Percentage of Female Users of LinkedIn: 44 % of total users

5. LinkedIn product SlideShare, Total Monthly Active Users: 80 Million

LinkedIn Statistics On Finance

1. LinkedIn’s Revenue of Q3 2019: Around 6.8 Billion

2. Total Number of Employees: 15,000+

LinkedIn Statistics on Marketing

1. Total number of articles published on LinkedIn: 130,000+

2. Potential Reach of LinkedIn advertising: 12% of the world’s population 160 million users.

3. Total number of posts every day: 2 million posts

LinkedIn Fun & Useful Facts

1. LinkedIn is the base for 30 Million Companies.

2. 61% of the total users are belong to the age group from 24 to 35 years old.

3. 90 million users of the LinkedIn are Senior Level Influencers.

4. 20 Million jobs are listed from 30 Million+ company profiles from LinkedIn.

5. LinkedIn is proven to be the second-best platform for B2B marketers after Facebook 

6. LinkedIn Users based on Demographic: 167 Million from the U.S, 211 Million users from Europe, and 179 Million users from Asia.

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7. Microsoft paid $26.2 billion to acquire the LinkedIn, in June of 2016

8. 18 million+ content are available on LinkedIn SlideShare.

9. From July 2019 to December 2019, LinkedIn has been visited for about 844.11 million times

10. You can get up to 468 Billion impressions per year, 36 billion impressions per month, and 9 billion impressions per week, on your content from LinkedIn (if you post consistently).

11. LinkedIn drives more traffic to B2B blogs and sites i.e 90% of social traffic.

12. $75000 per year are earned by 45% users of LinkedIn

13. 20 million users are following Bill Gates on LinkedIn

14. 39% of users pay for LinkedIn Premium.

15. B2B generates 80% of its leads from LinkedIn.


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