How to Link Aadhar Card to Mobile Number

As you all must be aware of the order passed by the supreme court of India regarding mandatory linking Aadhar Card to your Mobile Number. The main reason behind this order is to filter out the fake documents issued on a fake I’d (Aadhar Card I’d). But you must be wondering how to Link Aadhar Card to Mobile Number. So, to tackle the problem of linking Mobile Number to Aadhar Card, we’ve come up with a complete guide on the same.

Now, mobile number can be linked to Aadhar card very easily through the online medium using OTP, and can also be done offline by visiting the service center. Aadhar card which is already linked with the mobile number can be re-verify their number through online medium, using OTP, but those Aadhar cards that are not yet linked to the mobile number will have to go through the offline process, by visiting an Aadhar Kendra and complete the requires process.

How to Link Aadhar Card to Mobile Number Through Online Medium:

Step 1: Make a call at 14546.

Step 2: Select a choice between Indian or NRI.

Step 3: On the call, Press 1 to give consent for linking Aadhaar Card with your mobile number.

Step 4: Provide your Aadhaar number.

Step 5: Now Press 1 to confirm your Aadhar number.

Step 6: You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.

Step 7: Allow your operator to pick your name, photo, and date of birth from the UIDAI database.

Step 8: Then again you need to enter your mobile number.

Step 9: Enter the OTP you received on your mobile number.

Step 10: Once the above process is complete, press 1 to complete the Aadhaar-mobile number re-verification process.

Step 11: If you hold another phone number, you can link that too by pressing 2 and following the steps provided by the IVR system.

How to Link Aadhar Card to Mobile Number Through by visiting the outlet

Step 1: Provide a self-attested copy of your Aadhaar card with your mobile number.

Step 2: Then You will receive an OTP on the mobile number which you want to get linked to your Aadhar Card.

Step 3: Aadhaar executive will verify your OTP.

Step 4: Submit your Finger impression.

Step 5: A confirmation SMS will be received on your mobile number.

Step 6: Type ‘Y’ and tap send to complete the e-KYC process.

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