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6 Ways to Keep Mind Calm all the Time

Humans have a varied range of emotions from fluttering gladness to drowning sadness. Among these the emotion which is mostly mishandled is “Anger”. As it seems to empower at the surface but is actually devastating at its core. There are many things that end up blowing up one’s mind and lose patience and it’s important to overcome them. The following are the 6 Ways to Keep Mind Calm all the Time.

1. Emotional Intelligence

There is this term called “Emotional Intelligence” which nowadays most people lack. Emotional intelligence is an ability to have control over your own emotions, and emotionally intelligent person is much self-aware and in touch with his own feelings and emotions and knows how to keep his mind as cool as a cucumber even in the situations where others give in and start panicking, screaming, shouting, blurting out things that they shouldn’t in the heat of the moment and then regretting later on.

There have been plenty of books written on this topic separately and the reason why I am giving so much emphasis on this particular is that it is something that comes from within as it is a skill which can be honed unlike other external measures like giving in to alcohol or drugs to soothe one’s nerves.

Emotional intelligence is like a siren which makes you aware when your emotions are out of your control. It teaches you patience and clears the space for peace.

2. Yoga and Meditation

It has been scientifically proven that yoga and meditation helps one to calm his/her mind. There are various apps available in the market for beginners like “Mindspace” which has plenty guided meditation sessions, to begin with. Meditation clears your mind and brings it to a standstill. It’s obviously not wise to make a decision with 100 tabs open in your mind better to clear the space to make the right decision while being in your sense. Meditation makes you self aware which is very important which just like emotional intelligence helps you to deal with yourself from within. It’s a skill which with regular practice can be mastered. Also there are various physical and breathing exercises in yoga that can be done to naturally help you secrete +ve hormones within yourself.

3. Eating healthy foods

Believe it or not the kind of food you consume affects you in some way or the other, try to have a salad on one day and the other day a traditional dish full of spices and see the difference. Eat light and easily digestive food which may keep you refreshed all day long. A healthy balanced diet works a long way in keeping one’s mind and body healthy. Also there is a quote which says “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body” which I think sums up this point.

4. Mental Health

Sometimes a person becomes mentally disturbed when some unexpected events take place in the person’s life like loss of a family member or a devastating break up etc. Such events create somewhat of a void in the person’s life and he becomes irritable and easily provoked in such sensitive moments. Even some daily struggles like an argument with the boss etc. can end up making you irritable. As most of the time our anger comes from a roaring pain from within which needs to be healed to move on and live happily in one’s life.

5. Reading Books

Books affect our mindset a lot, also besides that it teaches one patience and calms down one’s mind. Books make us intelligent,  one can read self-help books relating to emotional intelligence as well as religious books to learn to cope with one’s situation. Religious books like Gita etc have impacted millions of lives, it has taught them the art of living and has brought happiness and peace in their lives.

6. Practice Kindness

Kindness is one of the traits which the more we give the more we receive and thus feel fulfilled. Try to help someone in need and see his eyes filled with gladness and gratitude for you. This very feeling will make you forget all your pains and will make you feel blessed if not nothing else. A simple act of kindness wherever we go goes a long way.

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