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Top 10 Best Interview Preparation Websites [2023]

In this post, we have sorted out the Top 10 Best Interview Preparation Websites. Interviews are the main part of the hiring process in companies. To get any position in a company, one needs to clear job interview that may have multiple rounds. So to help you in getting your dream job, we’ve made a list of websites that will help you to prepare for an interview.

Top 10 Best Interview Preparation Websites:

1. Glassdoor

Visit Website: Glass Door

Glassdoor comes at the first position in our listings of Interview Preparation Websites. This website will help you all along the way for preparing job interviews. Here you’ll also find the company info along with the reviews given by the company’s present & past employees, for which you need to sign up by creating an account.

The best part is that majority of the interview tips are provided by the employees who have already cracked the interview for that very specific company. Every step and questions that you’ll find are the ones that were experienced and faced by the people who already gave the interview.

2. Ambitionbox

Visit Website: Ambition Box

Almost familiar to the above one (i.e Glassdoor), it provides tips to crack the interviews for the company along with the reviews of companies. You’ll also get practice tests that will certainly help you to understand the process of interview tests that are taken in the company. This website also provides info related to the salaries in different fields as stated by the employees. Though these salaries amounts do not reflect the exact figures, these are just specific to the companies.

3. InterviewBuddy

Visit Website: InterviewBuddy 

This is one of the good platforms to prepare for interviews. You can give mock interviews for any specific career that you want to opt. To do you need to fill up the professional qualification, after which you need to choose a time slot for the mock interview, along with mock interview you will receive a list of resources in the form of a link from where you can prepare for an interview.

After attending the mock interview, you will get the scorecard showcasing your strength and weakness. The best part of the mock interview is that you’ll get a link that refers to the recorded video file of your mock interview. Though, you need to pay $15/user to take advantage of all these benefits.

4. Careercup

Visit Website: Career Cup

Careercup has got many resources to help anyone to prepare for an interview. On this website, you’ll get tips from building up your resume to helping you tackle interview questions. On the home page of CareerCup, all the newly updated questions will be shown to which you can answer along with that you can also add-on your questions to get a perfect answer. Though, this website mainly focuses to provide resources for the preparation of Software Engineering Interviews. You can also get information related to career & salaries as per the career.

5. GeeksForGeeks

Visit Website: Geeks For Geeks

This is one of the most famous websites among techies as it provides information related to technology. You’ll come up with a list of questions that have been asked previously with the employee who already cracked the interview categorized in topics and companies in which they were asked. This website has even got coding problems to practice from the basic level to advance (as most of the tech companies in the software sector ask you at least few questions of coding to check out your level).

6. FreshersWorld

Visit Website: Freshers World

This website covers various sections to help you excel in every skill including aptitude & reasoning skills along with providing many tips and tricks to outperform in an interview.

Along with all that, this website will keep you updated with most of the job openings around you and also let you search for jobs based on the location or company.

7. Indiabix

Visit Website: India Bix

IndiaBix will help you in gaining good command over aptitude questions by giving you a platform to learn and practice it. As every company takes an aptitude test while taking an interview so this website comes with a lot of questions in aptitude including topics like Quadratic equations, number series, ration, etc. You’ll also find various tips & tricks along with resources that will help you to crack the interview.

8. Pramp

Visit Website: Pramp

The name of the website, Pramp, stands for “PRActice Makes Perfect”. Though, this website is specifically designed for “programming based interviews”. This is one of the good platforms to prepare for an interview by giving various mock interviews before the actual one, attending one-on-one and live video sessions, and also receiving feedback on the same.

9. Gainlo

Visit Website: Gainlo

This website is more effective for engineering students as they’ll find various useful resources that will help them to crack the interview. You will also have access to the one-on-one interview conducted by professional interviewers to get you the actual feeling of Interviews, after which you’ll get feedback for the mock interview. Along with all these, you ask your questions to get professional answers

10. PrepBunk

Visit Website: Prep Bunk

Here you’ll find two types of mock interviews that are taken by the actual industry professionals. In the first one, you’ll get detailed feedback (performance analysis) on the basis of your interview skills once the mock interview is over. While in the second one, you can just give a mock-interview if you can self-assess yourself. Along with all these, you’ll also get a three-week course that will help you to understand the interview process.

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