How to Increase YouTube Subscribers 2020 [10 Proven Ways]

If you are starting your career as a YouTuber and facing problems in gaining subscribers then you are at the right place. Here we came up with the top 10 ways on How to Increase YouTube Subscribers without buying or spending any bucks for it.

Fun Fact: More than 31 Million YouTube channels exist on YouTube.

Getting subscribers after competing the other YouTuber is quite hard(I mentioned it as quiet hard, not impossible) to rank your channel and thus gaining subscribers on your Youtube channel. But it is possible to gain subscribers on your youtube channel if you implement the below tips effectively.

Here are the top 10 ways on How to Increase YouTube Subscribers without spending any bucks for it:

1. Stick to one Niche:

Before starting to work on any Youtube channel, make up your mind on which Niche you will be working and stick to that. Make sure that niche should be of your interest as it would help your run your youtube channel in the long term as you will never get bored of making such videos.

You must have noticed many famous Youtubers that they would generally stick to one certain niche. The reason behind sticking to one specific niche is that your subscriber generally subscribes to your channel after watching your video. It means if the person liked any video of your channel, then he wants the same type of videos to be uploaded by you.

2. Focus on Quality over Quantity

This tip is valid in almost every sector. Always work on providing quality videos rather than making bad videos in good quantity. People prefer to watch videos that would either entertain them or provide knowledge in some forms.

Many new YouTubers just make videos for their channel to increase the number of videos without considering the quality. In this case, if their video is reached to a new audience, he/she may not subscribe to their channel as he didn’t like the video.

3. Be Consistent:

Always be consistent with the rate of your video uploads on Youtube. Being consistent doesn’t mean that you need to upload the video every day, rather it means you need to upload the video on a regular fixed interval (it may be, one video in a week or two videos in a week).

Fixed a certain interval of day to upload the video on youtube, so that you can have sufficient time work on making good quality videos. “Never compromise quality”.

4. Try to Engage with your Viewers

In almost every video that you upload, try to engage with your viewers. Engaging with your viewer has many perks including that you can ask them meanwhile in your video to subscribe to your channel if they liked the content. If your viewer liked your engagements with themselves, he may show your content in his different groups including friends and, family, which may result in getting more subscribers from the viewer’s reference.

5. Use Branding Watermark (By Youtube)

Youtube allows you to put the watermark in your whole videos in the right down corner. This is one of the biggest advantages that you can get from the youtube default features.

I will personally suggest you to use watermark showing “SUBSCRIBE”, rather than using your youtube channel logo. Putting the “SUBSCRIBE” watermark will increase the chances of being subscribed to your channel.

6. End Your Videos With Subscribe CTA

Youtube gives you the option of adding a Call To Action Button at the end of Every Video. Here put the subscribe call to action button for your channel, which may prompt the viewer to subscribe to your channel. If you wish to, you also include other videos in this end screen along with Subscribe Button for your channel.

7. Use Annotations

One of the most effective methods to gain subscribers is to put an annotation in the videos which increases the chance of being subscribed to your channel by viewers.

Annotation is a little transparent box that you will find in some videos, used for the call to action(here you can use to get subscribers on your channel).

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8. Use Description

Ask your viewer to subscribe to your youtube channel by adding it in the description of every video.

You can make a subscription link for your channel by adding “?sub_confirmation=1” at the end of your youtube channel URL.

For example (Click on this link, then come back to this article) :

(Note: The above youtube channel link is just a random one, used to demonstrate on how to add “?sub_confirmation=1” at the end of any youtube channel URL.)

9. Promote your Channel on Online Communities

Share your youtube video links to other online communities like credit, Twitter, Quora, and other such platforms. It may be possible that your youtube channel may be relevant to some of the users of these online communities and may follow up to your video to subscribe to your youtube channel. Make sure you put the “subscription link” stated in the above point while sharing your youtube channel with other online communities.

10. Just a Tip:

Try to gain initials subscribers from your network. Ask your friends, family members, and other people whom do you know well.

Well, you can even ask us in the comment to subscribe to your channel. We will always support you in your every initiative for the betterment.

Comment down your own tips on How to Increase YouTube Subscribers.

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