How to Increase Pinterest Followers [16 Effective Ways]

In today’s world, the internet has become the supreme source of information. While most of us use the internet as an information seeker, while few use it as an information provider. If you are among information providers, you should always take extra care, as anything you post will reach millions of people. Therefore it becomes your duty to provide relevant things. Providing crisp and relevant information is crucial for growing our followers on any platform. Let’s talk about ‘Pinterest’ and How to Increase Pinterest Followers.

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding any kind of idea which includes recipes, home and style inspiration, and many more. Though the type and quality of information one provides, decide their number of followers but sometimes even though one provides good quality content with consistency, their followers don’t increase because of less impression and reach of their posts. Like any other online platform, more followers means more credibility and authority in a particular niche. But in the case of Pinterest, it means a whole lot more.

16 Effective Ways on How to Increase Pinterest Followers:

1. Know about the users and their Interest:

Currently, the majority of the users of Pinterest are women (60%) with men (40%) in the minority, though the figure is changing now. The majority of the Pinterest users are from the United States (26%), where the age of the majority of women lies between 25-50. Getting a taste of the type of content users like should be the first thing to be done. Once you get the taste, you can accordingly manipulate your content.

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2. Remain Updated with Latest Trend:

It is always a good practice to take a few steps back and look for the things which are trending most. Keep track of the audience’s interest and select topics accordingly. Choose the topic that suits you best. Spare a few minutes/hours for research, try to know all aspects of the topic, and then provide solid and crisp content. There should be a balance between the quantity and quality of the content. Keep your writing style simple. Use relatively simpler words in the title and description.

3. Convert Your Account Into Business Account

Always make sure to convert your Pinterest account into a business profile to get the perfect idea on which posts perform better. A business profile will give you a figure of impression and the number of users engaged with your posts on Pinterest.

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4. Posts with Higher Impression

Two types of Pinterest posts perform much better than any other posts:

  1. Infographics
  2. Videos (new feature of Pinterest)

Though, you can work on different types of posts to find out which works best for your niche.

5. Post Consistently

Posting content regularly is always a good practice, no matter what platform you are using. You should keep your audience engaged. Refraining from posting for several days may have a bad impact on followers count. Moreover using a simple writing style that is easy to understand is always favorable.

6. Follow Competitor’s Followers:

To increase Pinterest followers this strategy works well, though Pinterest isn’t a “Follow for Follow” platform. Follow your competitors’ followers. Not only might they follow back, but you can see the type of content they like as well. Go to any account’s profile and click Community to see their followers. You can also follow people who are pinning from your website.

7. Use keywords and Hashtags Wisely:

The use of relevant keywords and hashtags will help in expanding your audience. Hashtags and keywords help your post to get a lot more impression than those posts without hashtags. Make your description keywords rich and include relevant hashtags so that your posts may appear in a relevant search.

8. Use the right tools:

There are a number of tools available to make an attractive image post like TailWind, Canva, Venngage, Social sharing plugins, and many more. Making use of them will make your content more appealing.  Choose wisely and make the best use of the tools available.

9. Comment and Pin:

Comment on popular pins so that more people can know about you. There is no harm in promoting yourself. Make sure that your comments don’t look like spam. Avoid criticizing or involving an unnecessary discussion in the comment section.

10. Promote Your Pins:

If you have a social media budget to work with, Promoted Pins are a great way to increase exposure. Choose a pin that is already performing well and target it to reach new prospective followers. The target audience should be selected on the basis of the post.

11. Special Occassion’s Posts:

Posting on special occasions like Holi, Diwali, Christmas or any other special occasion will be advantageous. Wishing people and making boards for special festivals will attract the audience. Doing things of the audience’s interest will help in connecting better with the audience.

12. Fresh and Original Content:

Pinterest prefers originality. Pinners use the site to look for new ideas, inspiration, so make sure that your pins are fresh. Avoid using commonly used photos. You can take the help of the internet to get a basic idea but make sure that your content is original and is not copied from anywhere.

13. Help Others

Entice followers by describing the benefits associated with your products or services that you post about.

Positive sentiment goes a long way in showing how a Pin from your business can help [Pinners] in their lives

said Kevin Knight, former head of Agency and Brand Strategy at Pinterest.

Get personal and use “you” or “your” in the copy too so that users know you’re talking to them.

14. Using Other Social Media Platform

Alert your email subscribers to your Pinterest profile and ask them to follow you. Share your Pinterest profile to your other social media accounts. The more repins your Pin gets, the more it will circulate on Pinterest – and the more followers will find your profile!

15. Join Collaborative Boards:

In order to gain more followers, you can collaborate with popular group boards that have a large number of followers, because this way they will be able to view your pins too. Look for popular boards and try to build rapport with the owners before asking them to send you an invite to the board.

16. Add Pinterest Follow Button:

You should have a follow button of the Pinterest account on your website. Put the button at prominent places like the header or footer and get a widget builder so that you can have a custom button that can fulfill your needs.

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