How to Increase Instagram Followers Organically

So after research, we came up with genuine ways to Increase Instagram Followers Organically.

Some people still ignore the platforms that are in front of them for marketing and waste a lot of money in other means of marketing. If you are reading this article, it means you are creative, business-minded and looking for an opportunity to enhance your business by attracting a lot of customers and building a brand of your own.

You already know how important to have followers (you may want followers to expand your contacts or build a brand, etc). You can place your business on an extreme level that makes your business a well-known brand, that people love to follow.

All you need to do is just build the foundation correctly and apply the right strategy to have more followers.

Let’s follow these simple methods to increase followers on Instagram (p.s genuine followers):

1. Build a relevant, attractive and informative Bio

First Impression is the Best Impression

You get a chance to impress the viewer. suppose your viewer(a stranger of course) is on your profile right now and he or she is looking info about you, to know what is your motive? what you do? and how can you help them?

If that person found your bio interesting then only he will scroll down to check out your posts. Therefore, your bio is a primary impression maker.

Just give your 110% genuine info, make it attractive and funny

(P.s – people love the person who forces them to laugh).

You may also add links of another platform (Blog, Business website or other social media links) for your business in the bio that gives them a connection to other platforms so they can interact with you there too.

And finally after presenting yourself or your business in front of them, recheck it on your own or ask your friends if they found the bio interactive enough that someone will stay and read the posts.

2. Engaging Contents

Who is your audience? what they are looking for? and what they will love? I would love to read those content or post that are genuinely made, interactive, and informative (or information given in unique style).

(P.s. – Always remember your insta feed is not your gallery, so instead of making it decorative, either make it informative or funny)

You should have genuine content, something new or freshly baked from your mind creativity, and especially nowhere to found. You don’t have to worry about making a very long content, keep it medium yet friendly, interesting, and engaging.

3. Post Timely

Consistent Action Creates Consistent Results

Well, if someone asks me why consistency?

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My answer is simple, people follow you to read content, for entertainment or for information. They followed you on the basis of your posts and contents that you have posted but if you don’t post timely, your followers will eventually forget about you and may unfollow you.

4. Schedule your post

If you are worrying right now that you don’t have enough time to post timely, then you don’t have to. All you have to do is create a post whenever you are free and schedule them, this will make your work easy. There are many platforms (e.g- Later) available that provide you assistance for scheduling your Instagram posts.

Schedule Instagram Post By Later

5. Using Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to reach out to new audiences to increase your post reach on Instagram, which result in more likes and followers if they find your post enough relevant.

A lot of people, follow hashtag of their interest. Using a hashtag is effective but there is something that you have to keep in mind.

You should use only relevant hashtag i.e related to your post. If the hashtag is relevant to your post, then it has a great chance that the user will stay or it may help you in conversion.

Tip: maximum 30 hashtags can be used and repeating the same hashtag will lead to less reach, so use the only relevant hashtags and don’t repeat otherwise it will look messy(spam).

6. Tagging users

We often do these mistakes that we tag a very popular person in our post or mention them. If you have ever go to their page and see who tag them.


It’s like almost everyone around the globe have tagged them in their post, in every minute they are tagged in a lot of posts.

Now you know why you shouldn’t tag those and let’s discuss who should be tagged. Again, the answer is simple i.e the person who can be your genuine user, who may stay or even result in conversion, that person should be tagged.

Tip: Don’t tag users on post, the tag will hide your post and don’t give a good impression. Just tag them in a comment or in the caption.

The maximum limit of tagging in a comment is 10.

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