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7 Effective Tips to Improve Your Stage Presence

Having a good stage presence is a skill and is not something a person is born with. With due practice, one can overcome fear and develop this skill which sets the person apart from the crowd. Be it dancing or singing or any rock band performance. You could inculcate these tips to Improve Your Stage Presence.

Here are 7 Tips to develop a good stage presence.

1. Getting in the role

The first and foremost thing is being entertaining bring up your inner extrovert and show it up on the stage. Feel whatever that you are presenting be it a serious role or a light-hearted one know that your emotions are contagious and in no time people are gonna feel the same as you are feeling. Nothing engages the audience more than the authenticity with which a role is being played like all theatre artists you should have an ability to feel and express the emotions of the character as if it is happening with you. Don’t speak empty words with no emotions involved as they create no impact on the audience.

2. Use body language

One of the most effective tips to Improve Your Stage Presence. Correct use of body language can reduce your work up to a very large extent. Using different hand and body gestures can help you in delivering the message in a much easier way as compared to speaking in a monotonous way, standing still. Body language can itself show whether you are confident enough or timid inside. People love who are confident at the stage as they seem reliable, trustworthy, and most importantly attention-worthy. No person is sitting to waste his time, so make sure that you engage and not behave as if you don’t give a damn about them. Remember that you are standing on the stage to serve and nothing else. To make your audience feel that they have not wasted their time by attending to see your performance.

3. Voice Modulation

Know that your voice speaks for itself. You have to have a voice that can ring ears, you need to work on your voice modulation so that your voice is heard and not disposed off as if it was never spoken. You need to make yourself heard. If possible arrange a mic so that you may not need to shout. Don’t be monotonous use different voice tones so that your listeners don’t end up sleeping while you perform.

4. Dress well

It is very important to look presentable before you set your foot on the stage. It is very important to dress according to the kind of performance. For example:- If you are a member of a rock band you have to dress accordingly, if you are a classical dancer then you have to wear traditional dress and so on. That way people will find you authentic enough and full of grace. Your attire plays a great role in grabbing people’s attention. Make sure that you wear it right.

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5. Own the stage

When you step on the stage feel your power. Know that they have come only to see you perform and you do deserve so much attention. Take up the stage, roam around if you have to don’t feel embarrassed about it just be yourself, your authentic self. It will make you feel confident as well as will put them at ease seeing you confident enough. Know that deep down audience like to be lead by someone who knows what he is doing, be that guy for them. Whether you are doing storytelling or performing any music be confident enough in your performance.

6. Practice well

A great speech or a performance requires a 100 times to perform before you give the actual performance, that is done to make sure that you speak the right word at the right time in the right way to create the right impact on the audience. This comes only by practicing, practicing, and practicing. Practice in front of the mirror to know your facial expressions. Practice so that you may get removed from your stage fear. Perform in front of your family members, take their reviews, and bring your performance to perfection.

7. Get rid of nervousness

It’s important that you enjoy your own performance. Your own performance should move you to tears and for that, you have to get rid of your nervousness first, you have to rise above the opinions and judgments of the others. Don’t think what they would be thinking if something wrong happens in the middle of your performance. As it doesn’t matter, laugh it off if it happens don’t feel embarrassed if something of that sort happens. What really matters is how true you were to yourself as John Keats says “Beauty is truth, truth beauty,’–that is all Ye know on earth and all ye need to know”.

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