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How To Improve Public Speaking Skills [Effective Ways]

Public speaking is an art that is the most important in today’s world. It has become a necessity in every kind of job. It has become a part of a person’s personality. But as dazzling as it looks from the surface deep down it requires more guts than what we think. Most people fear public speaking more than anything else in this world. They at their best try to condemn it. Fear of the judgment of others, fear of being criticized for your opinion, fear of end up speaking something to be ashamed of is what people dread the most. Most people go numb or blank or find themselves the loss of words the moment they step on a stage. Public speaking is a gradual process it does take time to inculcate but lasts a lifetime once acquired. The following are the ways through which one could improve public speaking skills.

11 Ways to Improve Public Speaking Skills:

1. Be yourself

It is very important to know that emotions are contagious so the kind of emotions that you would display is gonna be felt by the audience for sure. So if you are nervous inside its gonna be felt by the audience. The best way you can deal with this is by being yourself. Talk about the things you feel confident enough about. Talk about the things you know well and include a bit of yourself when you speak it will make you feel confident while you speak.

2. Be Bold

Boldness is a very important aspect of public speaking if people felt that you are not sure about what you are speaking, they are not gonna pay attention to you. Know that people wanna feel that they are being led to a particular destination through your speech and you have to take the driver seat to assure them that you are good and confident enough to do that. Boldness puts people at ease as they feel they are under the guidance of a powerful personality.

3. Speak through stories

Stories connect us all as our minds think in pictures. Stories are the best way you can fill the canvas of the mind of the reader with colors and make them feel connected and gripped to what you are saying. Whether you are talking about yourself or you are talking about a particular topic speak through examples and stories explaining your point.

4. Practice well

Deliver your speech in your mind 100 times before you actually go to deliver your actual speech. That is a practice well before to be assured. The more you practice the more you will feel the words to be coming spontaneously to you.

5. Be ready for Unexpected

Many times things won’t go exactly as you have planned. You may forget a line or may fumble. At that point you don’t have to lose your cool rather you have to be spontaneous to think on the spot at the same time you have to practice patience to remain cool, calm, and collected even in such situations.

6. Know your audience

Its always better to know what audience you are addressing for example the to a stand-up comedian it might be possible his jokes are not liked by the mature audience but are by the younger audience so he has to plan his content according to that. By knowing the needs of your audience you can provide them in a much better way.

7. Come with a motive to give

Know that you know something that’s why you are appointed to deliver your speech. Prove that you do know something that is valuable to them. Come with an attitude to provide don’t let fear motivate you, fear of getting criticism, etc. Don’t expect anything to get not even appreciation, they will give you if they felt your content to be that good.

8. Engage with your audience

It is very important that your audience feels connected after all your speech is for them. If they feel isolated while you speak they are gonna stop paying attention so it becomes very important to engage with your audience by asking questions to them etc. Their response will let you know how many people are actually listening to your speech too.

9. Make eye contact

Eye contact is the most important part of communication. Look to people personally look in every direction where the audience is present don’t make anybody feel neglected in any way. You look at them so that you can lock their attention towards you which otherwise may divert elsewhere.

10. Body language

Body language is also important it’s proved that most of the part of the communication is done through your hand body and facial gestures. A fist can denote rebellion, a palm for assurance, etc. Use these gestures in favor of your speech.

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11. Voice modulation

Imagine one speaker speaking in a monotonous voice while another speaker with varying voice tone the one with varying voice tone is gonna attract the audience more than the one which is monotonous one. A speech with varying voice tone is never boring while a monotonous one is sure to make your audience dozing off during your speech.

The above points will come at handy every time you will go to deliver any speech.

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