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How to Improve Communication Skills [10 Proven Ways]

What is mean to Have Good Communication Skills? Good Communication Skills means you can communicate well enough with others to make themselves understand your message that you are striving to convey. So, we have come with a guide on How to Improve Communication Skills. 

In Business, you had to meet with a lot of people(including investors, partners, bankers, and other professionals), therefore, you should have Good Communication Skills. Lacking this skill may cost you (or your business) in dealing with investors, customers, bankers, and other professionals.

Everyone has a lot of Expectations from an Entrepreneur. An Entrepreneur must have GOOD Command over his Way of Communicating to avoid any misunderstanding or loss in deal because of not able to present the message in an effective and proper way.

10 Proven Ways on How to Improve Communication Skills:

1. Mirror Practice:

Most of the people, you met will recommend this because this practice is considered to be the best. It helps to get the confidence of speaking in front of others and also helps in identifying your mistakes. All you need is to stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself like you are talking to someone else. This may sound easy but it is not simple as it seems. You may feel uncomfortable at first but when you keep speaking to yourself and practice, you will get comfortable. How this helps you? Well, the way you feel embarrassed to speak anything in the presence of others that how you feel with yourself. Now, you will understand it is not awkward once you interacted well with them. It just a hesitance to start first.

2. Avoid Looking Somewhere Else:

While you are trying to talk to a particular person and they keep looking at somewhere else instead of you, How would you feel? What impact you will get from them?. Not a good reaction right? This is why you have to make eye contact so that you will have a good impression in front of others and make you feel more confident. So, they will be comfortable around you and would like to continue the conversation. 

3. Be Confident:

Remember, that no one is perfect but it doesn’t mean you should stop improving yourself. Saying something confidently has more impact on another person than speaking shyly. Many of us speak gibberish when we are not confident enough. Have confidence in yourself, everything will be alright.

4. Be an active listener:

Only speaking is not a communication. When both parties speak and listen to each other is termed to be a well-established communication. And if you listen to the speaker properly then only you can respond correctly. If you don’t hear them you will be surely giving them bad impressions and the result will be negative. 

5. Think Before you talk:

Before starting any conversation or once you listened to the person talking to you, take time to respond, don’t hurry to reply soon. Sometimes you say things that can get someone offended or misunderstood you. This is why you should think first before speaking any word. It’s a very basic thing but it means a lot.

6. Body language:

Body language Communication Skill

Use body language to speak. A speaker uses their body to interact with their audience and a good body language give a good impact and represent you very well. It also shows your personality and your attitude. If you stand at one place only and keep your hands straight and grabbing your palm together or rubbing them, that will give the impact that you are not well prepared or have no confidence. So always use your hand and body gestures properly to communicate your message.

7. Stick to the point:

You are being asked that what are you up to? and you telling them some irrelevant info that is nowhere connected to the question they asked, which results in that person losing interest to keep conversation with you. The other scenario will be where you speaking limitlessly by adding irrelevant points during the conversation. Then also you will end up with no conversation with that person again because you spoke too much irrelevant and which might make the listeners less interested in having conversation with you. You should keep your conversation balanced. That’s why you should stick to the point, nothing more nothing less.

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8. Keep your temper low:

Some of us have an anger issue and they should be more careful while talking to others. Try to stay calm while having conversation otherwise, it may take your conversation in the wrong way. Just stay calm and listen to the person and understand what they mean, even if you don’t agree to them, just agree to them at that point, or make them understand politely why you disagree. Try to add humor and say it funnily so they won’t feel bad.

9. Have words in your dictionary:

Collect as many words as you can, they will help you to have a great conversation. Once, you know a lot word to use you know how to speak to others. All you need is to practice daily.

10. Know Your Audience:

Knowing your audience before making a presentation will give you a proper idea on how to present yourself and your message effectively. It is important to know these aspects because you respond according to them. Suppose your friend is telling something emotional and you are talking to them angrily, which will hurt your friend. Another scenario, in which you are talking to your customers but unknowingly you are presenting your company data to him which may cost you heavy. That’s why always know your audience before starting your conversation. This will make your conversation more effective. 

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