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10 Ways on How to Be a Good Mentor

There are “n” number of fields and “n” number of skills to acquire and to guide us on the same we need mentors. Someone who has walked down that path by himself and is kind enough to help you walk through the same. The benefit of being under the guidance of a mentor is that he knows the correct way and can tell the problems beforehand so that you may not end up suffering from the same. Below I have given some sure and certain points which if you could inculcate can become a better mentor over time.

10 Most Effective Ways on How to Be a Good Mentor:
1. Be a Good Listener

A good mentor is a good listener as he is able to identify what problem the person has and what exactly he needs to do to help him get over it. A good mentor has patience enough to listen to you without passing any sort of judgement which enables the mentee to be comfortable enough in his presence to open up to him.

2. Be Empathetic

A good mentor understands his mentee feelings and tries to emphasize with the same so that he could know how exactly the mentee feels. The Mentor mentee relationship runs on trust. It is a failure on the side of the mentor if he is not able to generate the trust of his mentee for him. The mentee must confide in the mentor otherwise the mentor will not be able to accurately analyse the situation of the mentee and thus would fail to help him.

3. Give Constructive Criticisms

It is very important to know the difference between constructive criticism and destructive criticism before offering them so that you may not end up tearing down the person while trying to help them. It is very important to understand that there is a difference between criticizing a person and criticizing his mistakes. You must not make the person feel bad for who he is. Let them know by understanding that you are trying to rectify the mistakes and not trying to rather criticize them as a person. There is a very thin line between them. If the mentee starts getting defensive stop giving the advice then and there and start talking about his achievements till now.

4. Make them a Leader

To know whether you have done your job as a mentor well or not you should check whether the mentee himself has started becoming a leader or not. The aim of a mentor is to bring the leader out of his mentee. You don’t have to do their work for them rather you are supposed to guide them when they fail or seek advice themselves. No matter how much you are concerned never offer unsolicited advices doing this will only make them respect you less.

5. Believe in them

The most important thing that you could do is to put faith in the heart of the mentee so that he may never lose hope. It is never about the level of skills which we have but about the level of believe which we have. Skills can be gained but faith once lost can make you handicap and turn your thinking into a negative direction forever. When a person is a newbie he is not sure of his abilities at that time you have to believe in him and thus by replacing fear with faith he is able to overcome whatever hurdles that come in his way.

6. Be a friend rather than a Boss

It is very important to develop a friendly environment. Don’t give them orders but rather suggestions. A new insight, an idea, a new way of doing the same thing and leave it for them don’t force them to do. Let themselves analyse and do what they feel is best for them. Let them lead their own way and guide them from time to time by offering suggestions that could make their work efficiency even more profound.

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7. Stay flexible

A good mentor is one who knows when he is being too harsh on his mentee and knows when to step back and when to step forward. He remains flexible knowing that “To err is human”. This enables the mentee to open up to him and express himself and his problems to him openly if any.

8. Give Rewards

Giving rewards is a very good way of encouraging your mentee. Let him know when he has done work quite well. Celebrate his every achievement and improvement so that he may not feel low by working continuously without getting any sort of appreciation.

9. Lead by Example

A student learns by seeing how his teacher does the same thing first! Lead by example so that he may not doubt your guidance. You can’t preach if you yourself don’t follow what you say. Actions speak for themselves. Who will listen to the gym Trainer if his own muscles are weak? Who will listen to your guidance if you yourself have failed in the exams? People admire strength. Prove yourself first if you wanna make them believe in you.

10. Take Full Responsibility

Know that your position holds responsibility and accountability. It can break or make a child’s future. So don’t take it lightly rather make sure that you are giving your best and not holding back otherwise if the child fails it will make you feel guilty on your own. Leave no regrets to help the mentee as much as is possible from your side.

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