Guerilla Marketing: Explanation, Types, Examples

The term Guerilla Marketing has been inspired by Guerilla Warfare. In Guerilla warfare small groups of combatants fought against the large or a less mobile military group, using military tactics- sabotage, raids, petty warfare, hit-and-run tactic, and other such ways. This is the same tactic and strategy that Guerilla Marketing uses for their marketing purpose.  This term “Guerilla Advertising” originally was used in 1984 by Jay Conrad Levinson, in his book.

Guerilla Marketing is considered as a more effective way because it creates a more vital impression on the customers as it targets to create an impression of their company specifically on the personal and minds of the customers. It serves as an effective and efficient way for the business to reach customers at a very low cost. It also helps in generating more employment opportunities as it has many areas and ways that require more human capital.

What is Guerilla Marketing

A process of creation of unconventional ways in order to augment their sales, by attracting more customers. It helps in promoting goods and services. It is not similar to traditional marketing and also it requires interaction with the customers focusses on the smaller group of people and things responsible in promoting this in particular and targeted areas.

Advantage Of Guerilla Marketing:

There are few advantages of following Guerilla Marketing. Few of them have been mentioned  below:

  1. It helps in creating a huge reach among the customers. A wide range of people can be made aware of their company.
  2. It is not expensive. It is quite a cheap strategy taken by the company.
  3. This helps in creating networks and more interaction.
  4. It involves various activities and works, which makes the process more fun and intriguing.
  5. This strategy can be used by both small businesses as well as large businesses because it is low expensive.
  6. It is considered as an effective method.

Disadvantage Of Guerilla Marketing:

Few disadvantages of Guerilla Marketing are mentioned below:

  1. It is a slow process. Instant results cant be seen here. It is basically like doing everything and then waiting for the result as it requires creating an impression on the customers.
  2. There is actually no guarantee that the initiative and investment made for this purpose will be fruitful. There is a probability of it being a failure, as it involves a part of the psychological behavior of the customers.
  3. If there is any negative perception about the product and it starts spreading, then this can cause harm to the company.

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Feature Of Guerilla Marketing:

Few features of Guerilla Marketing are stated below:

  1. It is not an expensive method.
  2. Requires few resources and things but has a widespread impact.
  3. It is used where customers are more likely to impacted by this initiative.

Types Of Guerilla Marketing:

Guerilla Marketing is of various types, below mentioned are a few of them:

  1. Wild posting
  2. Interactive Marketing
  3. Experimental Marketing
  4. Undercover Marketing
  5. Presence Marketing
  6. Alternative Marketing.

Strategy Of Guerilla Marketing:

Few strategies which can be applied for getting better result on Guerilla Marketing have been mentioned below:

  1. Customer’s reaction, happiness and wants is a very vital component in any business aspect. Similarly while creating any strategy, even if it’s for Guerrilla Marketing it is very important to consider this factor as well.

  2. Creativity often wins many hearts. Every campaign launched should be creative and also should be unique so that customers can be attracted and please more.

  3. Using visuals and images can also make the initiative quite interactive and might have also had a positive response.

  4. Letting the customers, solving some riddles, and understanding what it means also intrigues the customers. This makes them think and unconsciously they keep remembering the company.

  5. At times giving free services to the customers also helps to augment their sales. They remember and are pleased at the same time

  6. More of interaction with the customers also can be a method to increase their promotional activity.

  7. The identity and originality of the company should be maintained. This should not be neglected for initiating more different approach.

Example Of Guerilla Marketing:


Spotify has always undertaken various ways to make customers aware of their existence. One such way they had adopted in January 2019, was, they offered playlist based on the horoscopes. Teaming up with astrologer Chani Nicholas, they created playlists accordingly.

  1. TV SHOW

Vampire Diaries one of the most loved shows had also used an innovative and unique way to spread the message regarding their series. They had printed the name of the show and also the time when the show airs on a drink dispenser, so whenever a person goes and uses it they can see and know about it.


Once Mini cooper had come up with the most unique plan and low cost. They had come up with an idea of placing their empty cartoons over the Christmas garbage, all over the city. So whenever a passerby passes it, they can see the name of the company.

Thus, to conclude this, we can say that Guerilla Marketing is an activity-based strategy. It mainly focuses to maximize the reach and make more and more people aware of the existence of the respective companies.

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