How to Use Google Meet App – Create and Join [PC/Mobile]

Google is here again, with a new bright and shiny software: Google Meet Video Conferencing App.

We and our work are stuck in this lockdown, thanks to the coronavirus. Many companies are facing loss and its impact can be seen in the employees too. Meetings are an important key for a company to work efficiently. Hence, Google came up with the solution of doing the meetings online with software, Google Meet.

So if you want to take advantage of this new product of Google, let us see How to Use Google Meet App in PC/Mobile.

1. Downloading/Opening the Google Meet

Downloading/Opening the Google Meet

If you want to use Google Meet on your mobile phone/tablet, simply go to play store on android or Appstore on your iPhone and download it.

To use it on your desktop just go to the website. Also, if you have a G-Suite account you can find Google Meet on your apps panel in Google Chrome. Then sign in with your Google account and you are ready to go. You can now start or join a meeting. Let’s see how it’s done.

2. Start or Join a Meeting.

scheduled meetings

After opening Meet you will see a button saying to join (Meeting Code) or start a meeting(New Meeting). Below this, you can also see your previously scheduled meetings.

start a meeting

Now, to start a meeting you have to click on the “New Meeting” button and it will start a new meeting and generate a code. It also allows you to give a name to the meeting. You can share this code/name to add people to the meeting.

To join a meeting, you simply need to click on the “Meeting Code” option and put up the meeting code in that very section.

3. Presenting

presenting google meet

If you want to share your screen with your attendees you can use this feature. You can find this option beside the “Join now” button after you Start a Meeting. You can also present it while the meeting is going on. Anyone can present the meeting on Google meet. This option doesn’t exclusively goes to the one who created the meeting.

4. Video, Mic, and Audio

By default audio, mic and video are turned off. However, you can turn them on whenever you want to use them, two buttons are located at the bottom of the screen.

Note: Google meet shows you your video mirrored, but the recipients will see it as non-mirrored.

5. Adding the Attendees

Adding the Attendees

When you have started the meeting you can easily add people using the code generated. When you start a meeting, Meet generates a unique meeting code. You can share this code and through email and chats and people can easily enter the code and join the meeting. You can also call the people using the app to join during the meeting.

6. Showing Desktop Presentation

Presenting window

When you are the presenter you can easily present your desktop screen on Meet. You can see this feature on the bottom right of the screen. There you can select if you want to share just one application or the whole screen.

7. Muting

When we are in a meeting, attendees can make a bit of noise intentionally or non-intentionally. Whether it is attendees’ noise or just background noises, Google Meet can get rid of it. We have to use the feature of muting the attendees. If we click on a person in the list of attending people, their audio can be muted or video stream paused. This helps a lot for avoiding unnecessary noise and the smooth going of the meeting.

8. Chatting


Besides, audio and video, Google Meet also has the inbuilt feature of messaging during the chat. You can send links, locations, photos, documents, or any other files in the chat. Furthermore, you can message all the attendees at once without messaging each of them separately.

9. Google Meet in Mobile Phones/Tablets

As mentioned above we can easily get Google Meet in our android or iOS phones/tablets by simply downloading it from Play Store(for android) /App Store(for iOS). However, there are some interface differences between using Google Meet in mobile phones/tablets and desktop/laptops. For example, the list of the people attending the meeting can be seen beside the video on desktop/laptops. However, it is shown below the video on mobile phones /tablets.

When using Google Meet on laptop/desktop it works as a webpage, whereas on mobile phones/tablets it works as an app. Also when we open Google Meet on laptop/desktop the camera is turned off but when we open it in our phones, the front camera is always turned on.

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10. Arranging the meeting another way

We always have to schedule meetings ahead of time even in the office and Google knows this very well. Hence the other way to arrange meetings is by using Google calendar. If you use Google Calendar and create an event at a point in the future, once you add a single person to that event, a Hangouts Meet will be automatically created and shared with those invited. This feature can be especially useful if you have organized Google shared calendars, and will also help those from outside the company And you are ready for your very first digital meeting with Google Meet. All the best.

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