How to Get More Views On YouTube 2020 [10 Proven Ways]

If you are facing problems in getting views on your YouTube videos, then you are at the right place because we have prepared an article (after doing research) on How to Get More Views On YouTube Organically without spending any money.

Fun Fact: More than 30,000+ hours of video are uploaded on YouTube, every hour.

Considering this much of video uploaded every hour on YouTube in different categories, it is difficult (difficult, not impossible) to rank your videos and get good views on your video uploaded on YouTube. But it is possible to get views on your YouTube videos if you follow the below tips effectively.

Here are the top 10 ways on How to Get More Views On YouTube Organically without spending any money on it:

1. Use Custom Thumbnail

Using a customized thumbnail for your video is Highly preferred. According to research, almost 90% use custom thumbnail for their video while 10% don’t. That 90 % perform better than the rest 10% because of interactive thumbnail which makes the viewer curious to view videos.

Use the color (like Yellow, Blue) that differentiate your video thumbnail from other ones. Try to stick to one color theme for all the playlists.

2. Catchy Titles

After thumbnail, the title grabs the viewer’s attention to any video and is one of the most important factors for views on your uploaded video.

According to research, video title with brackets or parentheses added at the end of title increases view chance by more than 30% in comparison to the titles without bracket.

3. Description in Proper Format

YouTube Algorithm knows about your video (what is included in the video) from the description that you have stated in the description box of the video.

The proper format of writing the description should be:

  • In the two to three sentences, you should write the main headlines for your video (this is mainly considered by the YouTube Algorithms to know about your video). Make sure you put the main keyword (in natural language) in the starting description for which you want to rank up your videos.
  • After that, write the whole description of the video. (Try to include man keywords here for which you want your videos to rank up, as it will help you in ranking your videos)
  • Then put your all the online presence links including social media and blogs. Also, use the subscribe link for your youtube channel.

4. Use Tag Wisely

What I mean by using tag wisely is that try to include both keywords, long tail, and short tail keywords. Long-tail keywords help your videos to rank for that particular search you used in the keyword, while short-tail keywords help youtube to understand the category of your video.

5. Get into Suggested Videos List

If you manage to get your videos in the suggested video list after any particular video, then probably you might end up with lots of views on your video.

Now the question is how to include your video in the suggested video list. To include your video in the suggested list after any particular one, use the same tags as your competitors. So when your video tags match with other popular video tags, your video will have a higher chance of showing up in the suggested video list after your competitor’s videos.

6. Share your video across Social Platform

social media

Share your videos across all your social media profile including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. This will get your videos across many news users on the different social media platform, which result in increasing the views of your video.

7. Comments, Likes and Subscribers

Always ask your viewer to engage with your videos in different ways by commenting, liking, sharing, and subscribing.

Comments, Likes and Subscribes is Directly proportional to the number of views on YouTube video. The more the comments, likes, and subscribers the more is the ranking of your video, which results in more views in your video.

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8. Use End Screen For More Views

Use the End Screen to get more views on the other videos you uploaded earlier. The best practice for using end screen is that it includes two videos and one subscribe link of your channel. The video should be such that, one of them is the most popular video of your channel and the other video should be the next video that people would like to watch after the current video.

9. When the Audience is Active

Make sure you post the video when your audience is active on YouTube as it will increase the chance of getting more views on your video. Use analytics to understand your audience.

10. Online Communities

Post your video links to other online communities like Quora, Reddit in the specific category of your video.

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