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How to Get to Know Someone Fast and Easily

We meet so many different people daily but connect with only a few. Reason being that either we don’t like their vibes or we don’t know them well so we hesitate to trust them. Getting to know someone is a slow and gradual process it requires patience. It requires looking beyond appearances into the soul of the person in front. Below are 7 ways through which you can Get to Know Someone Fast.

1. Be a Good Listener

The first and foremost thing which you can do to know somebody is to make the person comfortable in your presence so that the person doesn’t hesitate in showing his real vulnerable self in front of you. Being a good listener requires an ability to give attention to and respond well and the patience to listen to the other person’s view. Most of the people don’t open up because the person in front doesn’t care to listen to them well. Know that every person is a book in itself that longs to be read by someone who is concerned enough about them. Listening is a way to show someone that you care about them. Every person deep down longs to be held by someone.

2. Ask Questions

Next step in getting to know someone is asking questions. Ask them what are their likes, dislikes, their opinions on various aspects of life in general to know them well. The way they respond and what they respond shows their personality as a person. Questions are also of 2 types:-

  • Close-ended questions
  • Open-ended questions

Close-ended questions are those in whose reply you are either gonna get a yes or no as an answer. While open-ended questions let the other person describe the answer. For example:- A close-ended question will be like “Did you enjoy the party?” The other person might say yes or no. But at the same time instead of asking this, you can ask “How did you enjoy the party?” Then it gives the person the chance to open up and let you know all the cool things that they did in the party that made it memorable for them.

3. Be Understanding

Encourage the person speaking and unfolding his life. The person wants to be made sure that he is being understood well all the while otherwise he loses confidence in you and chooses not to open. So comes the importance of being understanding so that you may seem trustworthy and caring enough to them.

4. Plan a One to One Day Out With Them

To know the person better you can plan a day out with them to know how they respond in social situations. Many times the person carries a different face in public than at home. So it’s important to know both the faces so that you may not regret later if they came off to be what you didn’t expect of them. Know well the whole picture of their nature.

5. Be an Open Book

Know that the other person wants to know you too. So be an open book so that they may get to know you too. Engage in conversations equally doesn’t make the conversation feel like an interview session rather make it an interaction. Be yourself make sure that the other person feels that you are honest and bare.

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6. Be Authentic

It is very important to be authentic because you can’t put on your fake face for long, sooner or later you have to be yourself. So be yourself from the start. Know that it takes two to tango. Know someone in real and not on a superficial level as its gonna leave you in disappointments only.

7. Look Beyond Looks

You should look beyond the looks and see into the soul of the person. As its only the beauty of the heart, beauty of the soul that stays young and warm even at the time when your outer body seems to start melting with wrinkles. It’s the beauty of the heart and soul of the person only that stays true and authentic all along from cradle to grave.

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