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8 Effective Ways to Get People to Take You More Seriously

In our life, we come across situations where people don’t recognize our efforts or take us lightly and we don’t get the respect that we deserve. It is time that you must set a boundary, some rules to abide by to take a stand for Yourself. Decide and define the kind of treatment that you deserve. So, we should look into How to Get People to Take You More Seriously.

Below I have mentioned 8 Effective Ways to Get People to Take You More Seriously:

1. Let Your Actions Speak

Nothing grabs the people’s attention than giving a performance that outperforms everyone around. They will naturally be curious to know what tactics you used to give such a performance. Know that as Kahlil Gibran says “Work is love made visible” so put so much love in your work that they can’t get their eyes off your stuff.

Make them notice by your actions rather than by your words. Give performance as if your life depends on it, stop making excuses, and get things done. You must earn the respect that you deserve.

2. Be a Leader

Take lead in things at work. Be the first to volunteer, set an example of yourself in front of others to look up to. Build your character and you will gain reputation in no time. Be brave to take the risks, boldness inspires others to take risks as courage is an admirable trait. Most people are just cowards they want someone who could show them the path, be that guy for them. Do things at work that others are afraid to do. Let them know that you have an iron will and a heart that roars. The characteristic features of a good leader.

3. Be Honest

The thing that makes a guy gain respect among his peers is that he has the courage to speak the truth and is not a yes man. Yes men are nowhere admired. People like those who are authentic genuine and consistent in what they do and preach. So be honest,  speak honestly, and don’t care about anyone’s opinion on it as more than anyone else you know yourself better. Be bare while you speak. Stand for the right thing no matter what. Don’t fear an argument. Don’t be a pushover.

4. Look People in the Eye

Eyes tell the strength of your character. Look people straight into their eyes. Don’t act insecure. Be sure of yourself who you are. It isn’t ego its self-respect that defines the boundary to which people could take you for granted. Set your own values and live up to that. Know that people will begin to believe in you if only you yourself believe in yourself first. So be proud of yourself as no matter who you are, you do deserve respect.

5. Learn to say No

The sure-shot way of letting others know that you have got values is by learning when to say NO. See, people test you by crossing the limits, for how far you can bear their bullshits. Learn that there is a difference between accepting faults and accepting bullshits. Know when your values are being harmed or if someone is treating you unkindly in any way. Never yield or submit to the wrong thing out of fear. For it is not acceptance rather it is being meek and weak. Get out of your fear and let them know who you are. It is a one time hustle but from the next time onwards people will better know who you are and what you deserve.

6. Live up to your commitments

People will admire you if you have a character enough to live by what you have committed to someone. If you can’t live up to what you say people will stop believing in you. Your action must backup your commitments. Know that your beauty lies in the strength of your character and not in your looks. No matter what cast, creed gender, or color you have if you are capable enough you will be highly admired in the eyes of the people no matter what.

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7. Build Rapport

It is very important to build rapport among your peers. People will definitely like you if you will add some sort of value in their lives.  Know that a glad heart always returns the favor. So do think and care about others. Listen to their problems give them suggestions if they want and before being anything else, be kind. That is the best way to develop a harmonious bond with your peers and thus building rapport.

8. Have a positive aura

People like to connect with people who are positive and cheerful. Be your best self. Add a smile to someone’s face. These things may seem small but goes a long way in creating a positive image of yours in the minds of the people. Be blind to people’s faults as everyone is imperfect try to see the good things in people. Don’t be someone who is a critique, our world already has enough of them rather be someone who encourages, inspires someone to be better, and accepts them for who they are without passing any sort of judgment.

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