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How to Get Over Someone You Love and Move On

Okay so recently you had a devastating breakup and you find that you are lost, confused, frustrated trying to find out the reasons why but you couldn’t. You most probably be blaming yourself for this situation you are in and feeling terrible from the inside like as if someone is stabbing you continuously from the inside. I know how it feels and most importantly how to deal with the situation that you are going through. Below I am gonna let you know 10 sure and certain ways that are gonna help you out to Get Over Someone You Love and Move On with your life.

Being a writer, I included some metaphor lines in this article.

1. Introspect

The most important advice that I believe can help you at this stage is introspection. You don’t have to ignore or curb down deep inside how you feel rather you have to embrace it no matter how terrible it feels. Know that the only way out is through. You have to face your fears to fight them to come out of them otherwise they will stay deep inside of you and will eat you up from within in the long run. So sit alone with yourself and observe yourself and your feelings. Let them overpower you once and for all as that’s where the healing starts when those wounds of yours get embraced by you rather than neglected. If not done so they will keep coming back to you at times you won’t expect them and will keep making you sad for no actual reason at all. In order to better analyze your thoughts and feelings, you can keep a journal with you or talk with a close understanding friend of yours. See the point is to be seen, felt, and understood. Find a shoulder to cry on, if your case is extreme you can take the help of a professional person too in this field as a trained psychologist could really help you deal and move on from your situation for sure.

2. Keep fighting

Know that you are not alone who are feeling so rather just like you there are plenty of people out there who are going through the same. I know that right now inside your heart and mind there are some tears within, some out of gladness, some out of sadness, some out of the madness. You’re Known yet unknown. You realize that dreams are volatile they vaporize before you could claim, now you wonder whom you may blame? Not gaining is losing too after all and things like that but you need to remind yourself that a clear mind is out of blue and now you become numb to what happened to you, a scar mark at the max that reminds you that for the ones who dare no matter what happens life goes on makes them stronger even than their past self indeed.

3. Love Yourself

Love, comfort, and care demand you to be bare but do not lose sight beware their arms all around you, once you felt the warmth of them and now you’re missing the same, addicted to their presence you start feeling the need of them but I ask you why? They may have been bliss but your presence is also no less than anything. Ignite the fire present inside your heart feel thy own warmth and make others warm too. Become a person Capable! and not a Cripple! give and you may receive! Believe in your own, don’t seek its a choice not an excuse to be weak. Get up, don’t be lazy Its your own responsibility to make yourself feel loved, Warmed, and Cosy. See no one is free everyone is busy but it doesn’t mean you start feeling cold, Alone, and freezy. Look up, Stay strong it might not be so easy but it will be eventually If you kept believing in yourself all along like Crazy!

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4. Neither ignore nor dwell

Neither ignore nor dwell as ignoring will never heal it and dwelling on it will never let you move on from it.

Ever felt apparently as if a nail has stuck inside of your head? By the way, It’s half stuck to be precise, It’s just there, It tempts you to pull it out, To scratch, it, To feel that vulnerable skin, One more time but despite all this apparently you choose to let it go, well, precisely I mean to say you choose to let it remain stuck forever. Most probably because you start liking the way it itches there you start loving the very sensitivity of that spot just imagining someone brushing past you near that spot sends chills down your spine you become so protective of that spot you wish to preserve it keep it just as the way it is. A wound which neither heals nor intensifies just like an endless fruit the more you try to squeeze the juicier it becomes and that’s how you get trapped in this apparently alluring endless game which keeps going on until one day in the blink of an eye you finally wake up and realize that.

That nail has gone, that itching has gone though scar marks still there but they don’t hurt you the way they used to hurt anymore rather mark you as a constant reminder of a warrior who didn’t ever stop moving on!

5. Engage in physical exercises


Utilizing your time, attention, and focus on doing something productive which makes you feel good about yourself is the key to feel good about yourself once again. Physical exercises give you an aim, a purpose to your life in the direction of betterment of yourself. It will make your life much more fulfilled. Join a gym or yoga classes, basically a place where you are supposed to show yourself daily so that you could cultivate this habit and include it as a part of your daily routine.

6. Practice forgiveness

Remember that if you have the seeds of hate and hurt present inside your heart you will never be able to forgive and move on with your life and find peace. Forgiveness is something that you give to yourself an understanding that we all are human and we do mistakes it’s natural. And a belief that no matter what happens no human heart deep down is evil. It may be a lack of knowledge or lack of empathy or maybe just plain ignorance but not something that can’t be forgiven.

7. Connect with family and friends

Now once you have done enough introspection and practiced forgiveness and you think that from the inside you have healed and you are ready to move on as you realize that it’s gone, that nail, has gone! that itching has gone! though scar marks still there but they don’t hurt you the way they used to hurt anymore.  It’s time to get in touch with your family and friends again. Connect with them now and give the meaning back to your life which was lost earlier. You would realize in the process of forming a bond with your loved ones you lost your contact with your family and friends. It’s time to get back those meaningful contacts once again.

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8. Do something you love

Know that it’s not only people whom you could love but a thing you are passionate about as well. Do something you are passionate about, it can be anything from listening to songs to reading books to writing stories anything. It will make you feel fulfilled from within and will make you feel loved once again. You would realize that there are plenty of other things in this world that could make you feel loved than your lover. You have to find those things you feel loved from other than your lover to feel and be sufficient enough on your own without the aid of anyone else.

9. Connect with new people

Connect with new people

By opening yourself up for new relationships you give a chance to allow new better people of this world than your previous lover to add value to your life. Know that this world is way bigger than you think it is and it has people way better than you think you have found yet in your life. It is time to let this realization to sink in and allowing yourself to connect with new people in this world. Don’t let your past relationships decide the behaviour you choose to display with the new ones. Never let anyone’s behaviour close your heart from receiving love from someone who is much better than the one you met earlier.

10. Connect with them again (Less Preferable)

Once you have moved on and don’t have those hurtful feelings inside, you can now safely connect with your ex as a friend again. See there is a difference between being in contact and moving on and cutting contacts and still keeping them inside of your head. Once you know that they don’t have any impact on you, you can safely connect with them and care for them as a good friend would once again knowing that it is life and terrible things happen here but it should never let us close our heart to someone forever.

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