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How to Gain Wisdom [8 Effective Ways]

In life comes certain situations where you find yourself unable to comprehend the situation or are not able to decide what is right and what is wrong. At such point of time, we need philosophy and wisdom to better understand our situation. We listen to our elders hoping to get some wisdom from them but we realise they themselves have poor viewpoints on life thus what to do to gain true wisdom and enlighten yourself so that you may not find yourself helpless next time something bad happens with you and are able to cope up with the situation whatever it may be. Thus below I have find out some sure and reliable ways through which you can gain true wisdom and improve the quality of your life.

8 Effective Ways on How to Gain Wisdom:

1. Read

Reading is one of the best ways to improve your knowledge and gain true wisdom as by reading books we get to enjoy the company of the best of the best people in this world. To listen to them, their ideas, their views on life and to get the correct advice. To know what is right so that you may not lose your heart if your surrounding environments are not good. As then you know it’s because there is a problem not with you but with them as their viewpoints, their way of life is way poorer than the ones you met while reading the book. Choose your company wisely. Don’t let any layman’s bullshit enter into your head and spoil your mindset about life.


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2. Form your own philosophy

One more way to gain wisdom is by developing your own philosophy. You must have some beliefs to live by. Observe your surroundings and spend some time introspecting for what is right and what is wrong for no matter what you do you must first have clarity in your mind for what you are doing and that comes only by having faith and confidence for what your beliefs are. Thus comes the importance of forming such beliefs to live by.

3. Start writing a journal

Writing a journal is one of the best things that you could do to form your own philosophy. As we write we not only vent our feelings but also our thoughts and inner core beliefs and only by writing them down we get to know what’s going on inside of us. On writing it we make it felt from the heart and thus forms our beliefs about life in general.

4. Embrace your individuality

In the fast forward moving world, we fall in the trap of following others’ beliefs, and thus in that process, we forget to embrace our own individuality, our own thoughts, beliefs, talents, and philosophy to live by. Embrace your individuality, let your sun shine through their clouds of doubt.

5. Learn from Experience

It is rightly said that our life is our best teacher. It teaches us the most important lessons as God didn’t send us with guiding manuals at our hands and so we need some guide, someone who can tell us when we are going in the wrong direction and help us form our own thoughts as well and life in itself puts in our way so many obstacles and situations that if we do not get disheartened and do not lose our heart we get to know how to deal with them and become strong over time on our own.

6. Have meaningful discussions

It is very important to have meaningful sensible discussions with some sensible people. Our company affects us a lot. We become an average of the 5 most close people to us. So when you choose your company make sure that you admire their qualities as a person as soon you will unconsciously inculcate their habits, thought patterns, beliefs in you. Make sure the person whom you call your friend has basic human values in him. Kindness, humility, sensitivity, cheerfulness, and above all positivity. It is rightly said a single bad-natured person can spoil the whole family.

7. Be open-minded

It is very important to not be rigid but flexible in your views and to stay open-minded. As rightly said by Dean Karnazes

Listen to everyone, follow no one! – Dean Karnazes

It is important to know what one has said but it’s only up to you to filter what is good present in it. For everyone is right in their own viewpoints it’s only the difference in views that gives birth to our enemies. So practice Dean Karnazes’ quote to come off as humble and at the same time self-aware as you are not blindly following anyone but thinking, analyzing before acting.

8. Read Holy books

Our holy books were designed to enlighten us with pure wisdom and to teach us the true art of living and thus they are naturally full of wisdom and life lessons to live by and they truly change you as a person and improve your art of living. So be it Bible, Quran or Gita read all holy books to get as much true knowledge and wisdom as you can as holy books are being followed by people for a very long time and thus unlike other self-help books are reliable enough to believe in them.


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