How to Use Flipkart Super Coins [Everything About It]

Every e-commerce site uses many ways to increase their business. Using these ways, both the sites and the customers get profit. The sites usually use sales to provide and get profit and increase their business. Also, each and every site come up with their own innovative ideas for their reward programs. One of the examples of such innovative reward programs by Flipkart is Flipkart Super Coins.

You earn these SuperCoins when you buy products on Flipkart. Using these SuperCoins you can get a really good discount on many products.

So let’s learn everything about it and How to Use Flipkart Super Coins:

1. All about SuperCoins

Before using your SuperCoins let us gather some information about Flipkart SuperCoins:-

  • Earning SuperCoins:- If you are a Flipkart Plus user then you can earn 4 SuperCoins per ₹100 you spend on Flipkart products and maximum100 SuperCoins per order. However, if you are not a Flipkart Plus user then, you can earn only 2 SuperCoins per ₹100 you spend and a maximum of only 50 SuperCoins per order.
  • Validity: The validity of Flipkart SuperCoins is of 1 year. For example:- If you bought a product on Flipkart worth ₹547 and get 20 SuperCoins on 10th February, you can use these 20 SuperCoins only until 10th February 2019.
  • When are the SuperCoins Credited?: Your SuperCoins will be credited in your account once the Return Policy date on your order has been passed or the date for which the booking is made, is passed in the case of travel/hotel.
2. Use your SuperCoins

If you want to buy a product on Flipkart by using SuperCoins, first you will have to buy Flipkart Plus membership.

However, if you are not a Flipkart Plus member, you can use SuperCoins to avail some services in the SuperCoinsZone.

You can use “SuperCoins Price filter” to find the products that you can buy using SuperCoins.

While paying for the product, check the box saying “Pay using SuperCoins”.

You can not use all your SuperCoins at once. The limit to which you can use your SuperCoins will be written with the cost of the product.

Note:- You can not recharge using your SuperCoins. However, you will be rewarded SuperCoins when you recharge.

3. Open your Flipkart SuperCoins page

The link of the official website of Flipkart:

  • To open your Flipkart SuperCoins page, go to the above-mentioned link.
  • Login/Sign-up with your account.
  • Click on “My Account” on the right side of the search bar.
  • In the drop-down menu, select “Flipkart SuperCoins Zone”.

You can use this method or you can go to the  official Flipkart SuperCoins direct page link: Flipkart Supercoins

Just go to the link and login/sign-up with your account and you will see all the information about your Flipkart SuperCoins.

4. Know your Flipkart SuperCoins page.

Let’s see what is on your Flipkart SuperCoins page from top to bottom.

1) Your Balance: At the top, you can see your “SuperCoins Balance”.Under the number of coins you have, you can also see the number of coins that are on the way. These coins will be credited in your account once the return period of your order is passed.

2) Coin Activity: Below “SuperCoins Balance” you can see “View Coin Activity”. Click on it to see where, how much, and on which product, you earned or spent your SuperCoins.

3) Discount banner: Further below the “Coin Activity” there is a discount banner. Click on this banner to see the products on which you can get extra discounts using your SuperCoins.

4) Products for ₹1: Under the discount banner you will also see a banner saying “Buy products at just ₹1”. Don’t be shocked! This is not a fraud. These are the products that you can buy using both, money(₹1) and SuperCoins. You can view these products by clicking on the banner. If you have enough SuperCoins then you can pay ₹1, and pay the rest of the amount in the form of SuperCoins.

For example:- If you want to buy a TV Mount which is for ₹1,119 and you have equal to or more than 1,118 (1 less than the cost of the product) SuperCoins, then you can buy this product by paying ₹1 + 1,118 SuperCoins.

5) SuperCoins for some extra discount: You can see, this banner saying(Pay using SuperCoins and Avail up to 10% off)  further below. Click on this banner to see the products which will give you an extra discount of up to 10% on using SuperCoins to buy them.

6) Exciting rewards: Below the banners, you can see “Exciting Rewards for you” written with a button against it saying “View Claimed Rewards”. Click on the button to see the history of the rewards you claimed earlier.

7) Stay Entertained: In this section, you can use your SuperCoins to buy Youtube Premium, Disney hotstar plus, gaana plus, etc., using your SuperCoins.

8) For the explorer in you: Here you can buy the memberships for Flipkart Flights, OYO Wizard Gold, OYO Wizard Blue, etc. using your SuperCoins.

9) Extra treats for you: In this section, you can use your SuperCoins to get extra discounts on services like Nostra Gaming, Hungama Music, etc.,

Note:- Some of the offers in the above mentioned three points are limited to only Flipkart Plus members

10) FAQs: In this last section, you can find some Frequently Asked Questions about the SuperCoins. If you want to see more FAQs, click on “View All FAQs” at the bottom of the screen.

5. Benefits of SuperCoins for Flipkart Plus members.

If you are a Flipkart Plus member, you can get some extra benefits using the Flipkart Super Coins.

1) Flipkart Plus members get double SuperCoins of the SuperCoins claimed by non-Flipkart Plus members.

2) As mentioned above, some of the offers are exclusive for only Flipkart Plus members.

3) You can combine SuperCoins with your preferred payment method for their purchases on Flipkart.

Note:- If The SuperCoins present in your account exceeds 300 you can buy Flipkart Plus Membership for free without even spending your SuperCoins.


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