Facebook Statistics By Numbers 2020 [With Useful Facts]

Facebook Statistics by Numbers on Users, Marketing, Finance, Fun & Useful Facts.

Facebook is a well known social networking site, which makes the users easy to find and connect with their contacts including friends, family, work colleagues, and even the people they don’t know.

From the starting of Facebook till yet, it has come with many new updates. Now, we can use Facebook to grow our business, a marketplace to buy and sell the product, for Gaming Purpose, to organize any event, and much more.

Top 5 Companies Owned by Facebook are Instagram, Whatsapp, Oculus VR, Onavo, and Beluga.

Now let us look at Facebook, Inc. Profile and Facebook statistics on Users, Finance, marketing stats along with other fun and useful facts related to it.

Facebook Company Info:

Founder: Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes

CEO: Mark Zuckerberg

Founded On: 2004

Headquarter: Menlo Park, California, United States

Facebook Statistics On Users

1. Total Monthly Active Users: 2.50 Billion+

2.. Total Monthly Active Users on Mobile: 2.20 Billion+

3. Total Monthly Active Users on Desktop: 1.45 Billion+

4. Percentage of Male Users of Facebook:46 % of total users

5. Percentage of Female Users of Facebook: 54 % of total users

Facebook Statistics On Finance

1. Facebook’s Revenue of Q4 2019: $21.08 Billion

2. Facebook Total Valuation: $500 Billion+

3. Total Number of Employees: 44,942 (As of Dec., 2019)

Facebook Statistics on Marketing

1. Total number of pages on Facebook: 65 Million+

2. Total advertiser on Facebook: 7 Million+ (Feb. 2019)

3. Potential Reach of Facebook advertising: 2 Billion+

4. Shares of FB in digital marketing ads: 19.8%

Facebook Fun & Useful Facts

1. Every Minute on Facebook:-

  • 400 New Users join.
  • Around 150,000 Photos are uploaded.
  • Around 320,000 Status is uploaded.
  • Around 54,000 Links are Shared.
  • 4 Million Post Likes are Generated.

2. Facebook Video gets over 100 Million Hours Watch Time on a Daily Basis.

3. Live Broadcasts accounts for 20% of total videos on Facebook.

4. Around 1.4 Billion People on Fb links and uses FB groups.

5. The Salary of Mark Zuckerberg is $1 a year.

6. Facebook is started by the name of “Facemash” which then changed to “Thefacebook“.

7. On average, FB users spend 38 minutes per day using it.

8. On average, 74% of users visit Facebook Sites daily.

9. Ads with a caption can increase the promoted video watch time by an average of 12%.

10. There are around 120 Million Fake Profiles on Facebook.

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