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How To Enjoy Your Own Company & Overcome Loneliness

In this busy world gone are the times when people used to live in communities and there was regular interaction with the real person present in front of them. Now it has become difficult to continue to do that as everyone is busy in their own life and situations. Instead of becoming helpful people have rather become indifferent towards the pain and problems of others and thus comes the importance of learning how to enjoy your own company. Craving for people and depending on people will only leave you miserable in the end. In the times when people have become more and more self-centered, you must learn how to love your own company. Below I have mentioned certain ways through which you can learn to enjoy your own company even when you are all alone.

1. Find the thing you love

There must be something that you love to do. It can be anything but the importance lies in identifying that thing in you by introspection and observing. Also as it’s a matter of one’s heart, you will get to know when it will arrive. A thing you are passionate about gives you a sense of purpose and makes the best utilization of your time which otherwise you would be wasting doing idle unproductive things going nowhere. A thing you love to do gives you the inner joy which is so important to feel fulfilled from within. It can be anything reading, writing, painting, dancing, learning different languages, cooking food anything. You just need to find that out what attracts your heart the most and then you need to go in that direction to bring it to perfection. Your passion will attract you on its own you will feel like you have found the most beautiful thing in this world which beautifies your soul when you do it.

2. Go on solo dates

Go visit a place, a new restaurant, a new movie or to a shopping mall all on your own without the aid of anyone by your side to give you company. You would realize how much freedom all this time which you had never realized before. You can go anywhere, anytime like a free bird without caring about anything or anyone. Also, it will improve your self-esteem too. When you do things on your own you become self-reliant! You will be planning things on your own! Managing things on your own! This seems scary but is actually uplifting and exciting as you would realize how much capable you already were without noticing it, you will get to spend time with yourself and know your true self better on solo trips.

3. Join a Gym

Join a Gym

Hitting gym is a great initiative if you wanna enjoy your own company and if you wanna feel good about yourself. It gives your body not only the great shape but also releases +ve hormones which make you feel good about yourself. After doing exercises you will feel more young and powerful than before. Such is the importance of joining a gym or doing exercises on a regular basis. Grab this opportunity and make full use of your time and energy in uplifting your own self. How much you care about your body shows how much you care about yourself as a person and most importantly how much you love yourself from within.

4. Do something new

It can be anything from reading a new book to checking out a new web series or watching a documentary or checking out the works of a new artist you know nothing about. Knowing new things kills boredom and keeps your life full of excitement and thus makes you feel more alive. Whenever next time you feel bored try to do anything new and you will find your lost excitement of life coming back to you in no time.

5. Build an independent identity

The problem is we have cultivated a habit of depending on other people and thus we have become dependent, needy, and full of insecurities. To overcome this we need to start doing things on our own without relying on anything or anyone. This will make us more self-sufficient and capable as a person. We need to remind ourselves every now and then that we are our own best friend first before anyone else. We must learn to embrace ourselves on our own before anyone else does that.

6. Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude, a sense of thankfulness towards God for the things you already have in your life is a must to make you feel fulfilled from within. Know that without gratitude life is like running with an empty bucket never satisfied. Gratitude brings fulfillment in your life and most importantly peace. Whether you are in a relationship or not, whether you are having a Lamborghini at your door or not, whether you are rich or poor, thin or fat, black or white, short or tall, until and unless you don’t have a bunch of things for which you are thankful for in your life you will always feel deprived and insufficient from the inside. When you look forward being fulfilled you don’t come off as desperate but rather a person stable and confident.

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7. Chase Dreams not people


Doing this is also very important as you can take guarantee of yourself only. Chasing people will leave you with a feeling of emptiness from the inside that you don’t have them in the first place. At the same time chasing dreams will make you rather more and more fulfilled as you will be coming closer to your goal inch by inch, day by day. Seeing yourself progressing will give you even more confidence to do that thing again and again with even more zeal and passion than before.

8. Know your worth

We often undermine ourselves and forget to remind ourselves of our own worth due to which we never realize how awesome a person we already are. To do this make a list of all the things that you have accomplished in your life and are proud of. Reminding yourself of your achievements will make you feel good about yourself in no time. It is said that we are what we think we are!, it is true that your perception is your reality. A mouse can imagine itself as a confident lion and a lion can imagine himself as a meek scared mouse. It all depends on what they think of themselves. Similar is the case with ourselves as well we feel bad or start holding grudges only because we don’t have real unshakeable faith and knowledge of who we are from the inside. Know that you know yourself since birth more than anyone can ever know. So don’t bother about their opinion about yourself. Let them say what they want to. Pay no heed towards it. Focus on yourself and your work and not on the gossip that is going on behind it. Your work will speak for itself you don’t even need to respond to them.

9. Spread Kindness

Kindness is something that the more you give the more fulfilled and blessed you will feel from the inside. There is nothing wrong with being a little bit more polite, a little bit more concerned, a little bit more accepting, and a little bit more forgiving of everyone around in general. These small extra efforts actually hold a lot of importance in adding value to the quality of your life. As we all are emotional beings. And the most beautiful things in the world are those which can’t be seen or touched but can only be felt in the heart. As Kahlil Gibran says “Hearts United in pain and sorrow will not be separated by joy and happiness. Bonds that are woven in sadness are stronger than the ties of joy and pleasure. Love that is washed by tears will remain eternally pure and faithful”. Know that a glad grateful heart always returns the favor and who knows you might end up finding a real friend for yourself who actually stays with you for life.

10. Learn to talk to yourself

Introspection is something that we all miss to do in today’s time. It is a thing which gives us clarity and self-awareness about our life. To track your thoughts you can pen them down or you can simply close your eyes and stay quiet for some time in a dark room all on your own. You will be able to realize how many things you were missing just because you didn’t find time for yourself. Put loving yourself a priority first before anyone else. Love your own company first, be in touch with your own self first to feel fulfilled from the inside.

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