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The Major Difference Between Passion and Hobby

Everyone likes to do one thing or the other but the question which lies deep inside everyone’s mind is that what is their passion? What is that one thing for which they thrive for? As most of the people in today’s multitasking tech-savvy world have become the jack of all the trades and the master of none. Finding and identifying your passion correctly has indeed become a very tedious and confusing task but with the following points, you can precisely get to know the Major Difference Between Passion and Hobby.

1. Observe yourself

A thing which you call your passion is somewhat of a life goal of yours. That particular thing is constantly in your mind at any hour of your day. All the actions in some way or the other are inclined towards your passion itself. This particular thing doesn’t happen with something which is your hobby. You just seem to do your hobby in your leisure time when you don’t have anything else to do. A hobby unlike passion doesn’t seem like a mission. It’s just another source of amusement for you. So observe yourself and find out that particular thing which occupies your mind 24×7.

2. When you are doing the thing you are passionate about, time flies!

Time is another factor, as you do your passion you get so much involved in it that you lose track of the time. You get into a flow state where things take place as if being controlled by your muse. You lose track of everything else while you are focused on your passion. This doesn’t happen with your hobby. You do enjoy it too but its somewhat light-hearted and not so much engaging as your passion is. The level of focus in case of passion is much higher as it seems to be your mission of life.

3. You don’t need the motivation to do a thing you are passionate about

A thing of passion will be itself a guiding light to you. You won’t be needing any other source of motivation to make you feel compelled to do the thing of passion. Rather it will be another way around that is people will need to make you keep away from your thing of passion. You will be ready to bear the pains for it, to make sacrifices for it, for the joy which you feel from it overcomes, and soothes all the pains which you may endure in pursuing it. This level of deep joy is absent in case of your hobby.

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4. It doesn’t seem wastage of your time

One thing which you will observe while doing your hobby for a long time is a feeling of guilt coming from within you that you wasted so much of your precious time. On the contrary, investing your time in your passion seems the best way you could possibly utilize your time. You don’t feel guilt in doing it rather you wish to do it almost all the time you could. It seems more of personal growth than anything else.

5. Passion guides

A thing of passion will guide you. It will make you look forward, build on something in your life. It will give your life a sense of purpose, unlike hobby which is aimless. Passion will compel you to seek it while your hobby will not make you compel to do it rather very soon you will get bored of it but you will never get bored with your passion. A thing of passion seems to be a calling for you. You will automatically get attracted to it.

6. Passion originates from love

The core of passion is a deep love, a deep adoration, you will almost feel like a craftsman working on improving your craft. Your passion is like your child you love to take care of it. You get joy in adoring it as much as you can. A person with a passionate persona has his deep-down core as an ability to give boundless love. That’s why in all the matters of the heart passion is always seen to be seated at its very core.

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  • Rama Shankar pandit

    Very good you have written. Really passion is goal based where as hobby is free mind work without tension. Passion is a hope to be good where as hobby is a part of daily life and give instant happiness


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