How to Create Google My Business [Complete Guide]

Google has come again with another new dazzling service for business: Google My Business. After We Create Google My Business Account, we have access to a platform for our business to showcase it online.

Google My Business is a free tool for businesses, organizations, and service providers to showcase their presence on google listing every detail including Address, Contact Details, Services they offer, and much more. Using this, you can communicate with your customers, claim your local business listing in Google for free, and information about your business like contact, photos, business hours, etc.

Let’s see How to Create Google My Business:

1. Getting started

To go to the official website, just click on Google My Business

Or type in the Google search bar.

Also, you can easily download this app from Playstore/Appstore from your Android/iOS device respectively.

This app is just 12MB in size.

  • Signup:

1) Click on “Sign in” at the top right of the screen.

2) Enter your details and verify your account.

2. Set your location

1) Click the blue Manage Now button in the top right of the screen.

2) Set your business name, If you are doing it for the first time.

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3) If you can’t see your business, click the result that has the text under your business name that says: “Create a business with this name”.

Or, if your business does pop up, then click on it.

4) Click Next and then enter the address of your business’s location.

5) If you deliver goods and don’t have a specific business location, check the option “I deliver goods and service to my customers.”

6) Check or uncheck the option “Hide my address”, as per requirement.

7) Click Next.

Brick and Mortar business:- If you just have a “Brick and Mortar business” drag the marker to the exact location on the map and click Next.

Service Area business:- If you want to set the location as a service area business, then provide Google the location information of the area that you serve. Also, you can choose between the options: “Distance around your business location” and “Specific area” as your service area. Click next.

3. Categorizing your business

It is also important to categorize your business into the category that it fits in. So, let’s get into the process.

1) Enter your business category. You can also choose it from the drop-down list. Click Next.

2) Here, you will also be able to choose between the option “primary” and “secondary”. This will determine if you will show up in the Google search results.

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4. Enter your contact details

Although this step is optional, but it is highly recommended and beneficial.

1) Enter your Phone number to allow customers to directly reach you.

2) Enter your website. Make sure to enter the correct and exact same website everywhere on the web.

Also, don’t list your website if it does not have “www”. For example, don’t list “” but list, “”.

3) Enter your details and hit Next.

Note:- Google recommends having an https website, for which you should have what’s known as a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate installed.

5. Finish and verify

Verifying your business might take some days to finish. In the meantime, you can choose to optimize your business.

Also, Google might give you a different option for verifying your business but for most of the business owners, you will have to wait for a postcard that will be mailed to you from Google with a verification code on it.

1) Review your settings and click Finish.

2) Choose a way to get your verification code.

3) After getting your verification code, go back to sign in to Google My Business.

4) Click on Verify my location or Verify now and then enter your verification code.

And now the setting up of the listing of your business is finished.

6. Optimize your listing

If you were able to verify your business or not, does not matter, you can still continue on and optimize your Google My Business listing.

On the left-hand side of the screen, in the dashboard, click info. Add as much info here as you can to attract more and more customers. You can add information like:

  • Address
  • Business hours (hours of operation)
  • Phone Number
  • Website Address
  • Photos
  • Services you offer

To edit the section click on the “pencil icon” against the information you want to edit.

7. Guidelines

Follow these guidelines to add photos and videos:-

a) Photos

  • The format should be PNG or
  • The size of your photo(s) should be between 10 KB and 5 MB.
  • The minimum resolution should be 720px × 720px.
  • Use high quality, high resolution well lit and focused photos. Avoid using filters.

b) Videos

  • The length of the video must be not more than 30 seconds.
  • The size of your video should be 100MB or smaller.
  • The minimum resolution of your video should be 720p.
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