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How to Convince Your Parents to let you Drop Out of College

Taking a decision of dropping out of college to pursue your passion may seem scary at first but is actually not if you actually know yourself fully. What it requires is a bit of courage and an ability to convince. Below are 6 ways which I have mentioned through which one could convince their parents to allow them to drop out of college without any hesitation or any hint of fear and insecurity in their mind about you.

1. Know yourself

First of all, you should look within and ask yourself whether your skills are really good enough or not so that you may not regret your decision after dropping out of college. List down your skills which you could show to your parents so that they may believe in you that you won’t be unemployed after you will drop out of your college.

2. Make a plan

Parents look practically they want concrete evidence of your stability and so comes your responsibility to provide them with one to convince them for your decision. Make a decision, decide a plan, see for the possible loopholes if any, and once after everything has been secured tell them and they will most probably get convinced seeing that you know yourself and have derived a concrete plan about yourself.

3. Be authentic

It’s very important to tell your parents the truth about your situation whatever it is and to not keep them in the dark as one day or the other it will fall upon you only, you would be spoiling your own life by making any decision in haste. Don’t come to the decision without giving any proper thought to it. So it’s important to be authentic as much as you can without the fear of them opposing you. Remember that those days are gone when you were able to convince your parents by whining,  now you need to be mature enough as it’s a life turning decision about which you need to be mature enough to deal with.

4. Give Examples

One great way of convincing your parents is by giving them examples of people who have succeeded in their lives after dropping out of college. For example- Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill gates, etc are big enough names which you can take in front of your parents to convince them for your decision. Tell them that it is important to take risks as Swami Vivekananda has coined “Take risks: If you win, you will be happy; If you lose, you will be wise” so its a total win-win. Also, there are plenty of options available in this world to choose from you have to let them know that only being an engineer, a doctor or an IAS officer are not the only options present in this world.

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5. Show them your achievements in your field of interest

Your parents are gonna believe in you if you will let them know that your skills are good enough in your field of interest and the best way you could let them know is by showing them your achievements in your field of interest. That will work as proof for them as they might not believe in you individually but will surely believe people who rather believe in your skills. So if you have got any medal or some certificate in your field of interest you could show them that and they will surely give a second thought after seeing that before denying you of your decision.

6. Let your parents meet and talk with people who have succeeded after dropping out personally

Know that your parents believe mostly on the basis of the point of view of the kind of people around them for example:- relatives etc who suggest them that dropping out of college is not good. At that time it becomes important to let your parents talk with people who have dropped out and have succeeded in their lives as well so that they could listen to their opinions too about the same as well. Once they will listen to their opinion their perspective will change for sure for we certainly don’t try half of the things just because of fear of failure and this very thing should not restrict us from not taking any important decision in our life.

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