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8 Conversation Hacks That Make People Like You

In our life we meet so many people, many times we want to connect with certain people but we fear whether they will like us as a person or not. We feel insecure. But what if you know exactly how to make someone like you genuinely and what if you know how to make a solid first impression? Then things would be quite different as you would be knowing what exactly you need to say to make them like you genuinely. Below I have given you 8 conversation hacks that make people like you instantly! So next time you meet someone new you can use these conversation hacks to put the foundation of a genuine bonding in your relationship with them.

8 Conversation Hacks That Make People Like You:
1. Smile

Smile is a universal sign of friendliness. No one wants to meet someone who is an unfeeling, insensitive snob. Everyone deep down wants to be adored in one way or another and if you provide them exactly that then they are surely gonna like you like anything. So next time you meet someone don’t forget to put on a happy face. This will make them comfortable in front of you and they will get good +ve vibes from you and would most probably like to hang around with you. As you would seem welcoming enough to them.

2. Remember their Names

Remembering people’s name goes a long way in making people feel cared for. Remember that for any person the most beautiful sound in this whole world is the sound of his own name. So don’t forget to mention it next time you meet that person. Include the person’s name in the conversation while talking to them to bring them to your side.

3. Become Genuinely Interested

Genuinely Interested

One of the best ways to make someone feel important is by being genuinely interested in their life. By actively listening and responding considerately to people you make them feel comfortable in your presence and so your chances of winning their trust will increase while you will be having a conversation with them.

4. Be Considerate

By being a little considerate, a little empathy goes a long way to make them feel safe and secure and to let them know that you care about their feelings. Say sorry and thank you when needed, don’t shy away from using these while having a conversation with them. See everyone talks as per the person’s behaviour who is in front of them so make sure that you are on your best behaviour.

5. Don’t Criticize rather Encourage

Don’t try to see faults in people rather try to see the good things in them and tell them what good things you have observed about them! This will make them feel good about themselves because of you and that genuine encouraging positive compliment that you will offer to them will definitely make them like you as a person. Everyone likes someone who is a little bit Kind, a little bit Understanding, a little bit Encouraging, a little bit Accepting, a little bit Forgiving, someone who looks beyond your faults, someone who looks at you and points out at rather what makes you beautiful as a person. For people, most of the time they know already what exactly their faults are and where exactly they lack and are constantly struggling deep inside from it don’t you ever make someone feel bad about who they are! black or white, short or tall, fat or skinny unless and until they are a creation of god they deserve all the love that is present out there in this world! Remember that!

6. Respect the Person’s Opinion

Never say someone that you’re wrong. Even if they are wrong, you are no one to correct them in the first place. Try to learn giving freedom to people to put out their opinions in front of you without the fear of judgment or being neglected. Make the person feel important and taken care of as every person loves to talk to someone with whom they could be just themselves. Be that person for them.

7. Look People in the Eye

Eyes tell the strength of character. Also, eyes are a gateway to your soul. Let them know that you are comfortable in holding eye contact which shows the genuineness of your character. People will subconsciously begin to trust you if you will look them in their eyes while talking to them. So next time you talk to someone don’t forget to hold eye contact with them.

8. Be a Good Friend

Good Friend

Do something that shows your selfless nature to them. Something that will show that you are human enough to care for them. Do something for them at the time of need so that they may know that you will be there for them every time you fall from grace!

Make true the saying ” A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Friendship is one of the most beautiful bonds of this world which runs on loyalty, concern and care for the other.

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