Conquer Yourself: An Encyclopedia of Personal Development

About Conquer Yourself Book:

An Encyclopedia of Personal Development (Self-help & Self-improvement): This book is our tribute to every single person out there who is struggling, working on improving his personality, despite the callous criticisms and judgements of society. This book will serve as a guiding light to you in times of need. Giving you much hope and direction to focus your energy on. This book will help you to identify your true self and will inspire you to be the best version of yourself in every aspect of your life.

All chapters are focusing on some aspect of Personal Development (self-improvement) that every person needs in their day to day life. This book has a large range of topics covered such that people of any age can relate to it and make use of the same. Thus, this book covers all major aspects of personal development required in one’s life and so is the tagline of our book, “An Encyclopedia of Personal Development”. Go dive into it, to improve yourself, to get to know yourself, and most importantly to Conquer Yourself!

Few Reviews on Conquer Yourself:

1. “The book in your hands CONQUER YOURSELF is a true blend of knowledge and revelation. The authors Shyam Kumar and Neeraj Kumar showcase their zeal to assist young learners and mould their lives successfully with ease. At the outset, I must congratulate the authors for their courage to write on a challenging topic like this. Writing a novel, story or a poem is easier as it includes the writer’s creation. But writing on a topic relating to personality development; that has already been discussed by many eminent people, is really a humongous task. It needs a lot of research, keen observation, and authenticity. All these three features are very evidently seen in this book. Hence, ‘Big Applause’ to the authors and their honest efforts!

Undoubtedly, it is a fact that there are a plethora of books of the type in the markets. But this book has a few units that deal with the much-needed skills of today in both personal and professional grounds. The title ‘Conquer Yourself’ is hence rightly fitting as the book aids in overcoming one’s pitfalls and emerging successful in all fields of life irrespective of age, gender, or region. I sincerely thank the authors for giving me an opportunity of writing a few words about this book.

The book has four parts I, II, III, and IV each of which is truly sensible and justly reasonable. The first part of the book deals with ‘Interpersonal Skills’ delving into the essential details like developing rapport with a good friends circle by being wise, charismatic, and becoming a good communicator. It thus helps to become a good leader. In fact, the topics ‘The Art of Story Telling’ and ‘Why Should We Travel Often’ are not observed in most of the personality development books that I have come across till now.

The second part of the book deals with ‘Self-Confidence’ exploring the need to tap one’s subconscious mind and become the most resilient person by balancing criticism through one’s capabilities and success.

The third part of the book deals with ‘Life Management’ analyzing the need to manage time properly, being self-disciplined, and leading a happy life by balancing both personal and professional matters.

The fourth part of the book deals with ‘Inner Peace,’ the most important aspect in a person’s life. This part definitely brings about incredible change in a person’s behavior as it is completely psychological in its approach and treatment. The topics discussed here are totally useful in shaping a person’s character. I genuinely appreciate the young authors for including the ‘Lessons from Bhagavad-Gita’ in their work as it is absolutely the right platform in whetting and honing the thoughts, skills, and reflections of a person. Any scripture, for that matter, when properly followed, will groom people in the best way.

Therefore I sincerely feel that CONQUER YOURSELF will definitely win the hearts of wide range of readers and be one among the most successful books on personality development. The style of writing is very lucid and simple which carries the point straight into the readers’ minds in one sitting. But the impact it creates on their minds will certainly be long lasting. I feel the writers’ elegance and passion gleam from the book making it reach far and wide. Hence I wish an extensive readership for it.”

– Dr. Tangirala SreeLatha

2.CONQUER YOURSELF is a valuable self-help book by young authors, who have ascertained the truths from their very own life experiences. The book is replete with important ideas for a better living for anyone, who is willing to work for a positive change in attitudes and life habits. The simple use of language combined with earnestness makes the book, potent and timeless. This book is going to transform YOUR life in some definitive way.”

– Dr. S. Padmapriya

3. This is a wonderful book for each and every one to read to understand oneself to conquer the rig morals of life, to shape one’s personality so as to find success in life and face umpteen challenges and ups and downs one faces in life or in other words the turmoils, storms and tsunamis the life puts forth as challenges in life.

This book reminded me of the classical book “How to win friends and win people” by Dale Carniege, which I read in late sixties. Now in this modern era of computer age much knowledge has accumulated and times have changed. Both the authors have put an enormous effort in reading large number of self development books besides works of higher wisdom and experienced life in close quarters to write this book and needs to be congratulated.

The book has been divided into four parts with thirty four chapters. Part 1 deals with Interpersonal skills; Part 2 deals with Self-Confidence; Part 3 deals with life management and Part 4 deals with Inner Peace. The book is in 170 pages. It is a worth reading and should find its place in all libraries of the globe and every student and executives should read this book.

This book is not a book on Spirituality to Discover one’s Self with regard to the question ‘Who am I? Which deals in detail with regard to self enquiry for search of Truth and enlightment? This book is a practical guide to manage one’s life smoothly by avoiding all hurdles in life and make life a wonderful and peaceful one.

– S L Peeran, Former Judicial Member CESTAT

About Authors:


Shyam Kumar, an Entrepreneur, is the epitome of the term Multipotentialite. He is a blogger, traveller, and has also founded many business ventures. Shyam believes, improving life requires more than motivational words. So, he writes blogs and books to put up the proven actions (actions that work) that shows what and how to apply to bring the required changes. He is widely appraised for his blog that helped a lot of people in their day to day life.


Neeraj Kumar left engineering mid-way to be a writer. He is a passionate poet, a literature enthusiast, and also the writer of the poetry book “Inside my Skin”. He is widely appraised for his poems.

Shyam Kumar
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Shyam Kumar

Shyam is an epitome of the term Multipotentialite. He is a blogger, traveller, and has also founded many business ventures.

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