15 Home Based Business Idea You Can Start for Free [2020]

In today’s scenario what is important is to stay at home and take care of yourself by maintaining social distance. If you are looking to become your own boss working from home without investment then you came to the right place.

If you haven’t decided yet what you want to do? It’s okay! Let’s work out together and understand how and what you can start on your own without any investment.

Do not wait for the right time because the right time will never come to you. You and only you can bring the right time in your hand. Never be a procrastinator, it will result in the delay of your success.

Let’s start with 15 Home Based Business Idea you can start for free.
1. Blogging:

If you know how to frame sentences that will bring interest to others to read it then blogging is just made for you. Who reads blogs? Well, almost everyone does and you are also doing the same thing right now. For every little thing (from queries to suggestions) people read blogs. There are a lot of niches(Type of content like travel, cooking, fitness, etc) out there. So, write on the niche where you do have significant knowledge and have an interest in it. Starting a blog will not cost you even a penny if you use a free blogging platform like Blogger.

2. Graphic Design:

Another popular field is Graphic Designing, a lot of Businesses require a Graphic Designer and even some bloggers hire for themselves as well.  What you need to be a graphic designer is skills, creativity, and motivation. That’s all! My opinion will be to take a course in Graphic Design or read the foundation book Graphic design school and the Graphic design Bootcamp. Master it then present your creativity to the world.

3. Web Designers:

One of the best Home Based Business Idea that pay you a good amount. As you are starting out, there are many who want to start their business also. Therefore they will need a website to be designed for their business and for that a website designer is required (if they don’t know how to design the website). Create your own website to showcase your web designing services and work on social media marketing to get customers.

4. Podcasting:

In podcasting, you speak about the chosen topic. If you are a speaker and have a topic to talk about or wanted to share your experiences with others then this is made for you. If you already have an audience on an online platform then it will boost your podcast from the starting period. But if you have no audience that will catch up to you on your podcast then focus to give your best (along with a bit of social media marketing) which makes the listeners more interested in listening to you next time.

5. Amazon Reselling:

You can list some of the products on Amazon without actually buying that product and once you receive the order from the customer, directly ask your dealer to courier to a specific place and you can get the difference in the price you sold and the price marked by the dealer for you. On Amazon, you can even sell refurbished goods/products or even handmade products.

6. Affiliate Marketing:

If you do have a website (or blog) with good traffic engagement then you can earn a good amount just from affiliate marketing. You can use Amazon or Clickbank to get the product link which is related to your blog or website articles. Just use relevant products like the ones you use or the one you think is related to the topic of the blog you are writing on. You will get a certain percent of the price of the product.

7. Personal Accountant/ Tax Preparation:

Accountants are one of those individuals who came very helpful to almost every business, from small to large scale business or even to any individual profession. If you are an accountant or have certified skills in preparing monthly or annual tax preparation then you can find your customer in any industry. 

8. Online Tutor:

We are in this condition that we can’t go out but we can’t even pause our career. If you are a teacher or professor then you can help out children by teaching them online. This business is very effective, especially in this pandemic situation.

9. Online course:

This is among one of the good Home Based Business Idea You Can Start for Free. Now, what is the difference between an online tutor and an online course? Well, you are a teacher in both of them. The difference online courses are pre-recorded videos that are issued to students when they purchase them (or free on youtube) and online tutors give online live classes to their students. 

Tip: You can do both by just putting some effort and editing.

10. Social Media Manager:

Well, a company needs to make its social presence strong. As the owner can’t do everything on his own., so for that they generally hire someone to grow and increase the presence of their social media profiles among new users from different segments. So use your social media marketing and managing skills to handle other business accounts. All the time you wasted on social media will finally be utilized at the right place and earn a living from it.

11. Etsy:

Etsy is a website where you can sell your creative crafts, arts, and gifts. Make something new and creative and sell your handicrafts throughout the world using this platform.

12. Freelancing:

Freelancers are those people who are self-employed and do the given work in the given time for the fee, fixed by themselves. You can start freelancing services from many different websites like Fiverr. Update your profile on those platforms and start bidding for the work.

13. YouTube channel:

Start with your own YouTube Channel starting in a particular niche. Starting with a particular niche help your channel to rank more and grow fast. People prefer to watch videos that would either entertain them or provide knowledge in some forms. The more people join you, the more you earn. We have framed a specialized article on How to grow your subscribers on YouTube Organically.

14. Proofreading and Editing:

Proofreading is the process of correcting and ensuring that the final draft of any writing is correct in grammar, format, punctuation along with spelling. In general, the company needs to make sure that their documents are well framed and there shouldn’t be any grammatical or spelling errors. Payment on this work depends on the number of proofreading that has been done by the proofreader.

15. Airbnb Host:

Having a spare room or extra apartment but can’t find tenants. Become an Airbnb host and earn from it. You can charge more for providing extra services. All you need to make sure of is that the room should be clean without any problems in the apartment.

Comment the ideas that we have missed in “Home Based Business Idea that anyone can start for free”

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