Brand Image: Explanation, Types, Importance, Example

A complete guide on what is Brand Image, Definition, Types of Brand Image, Importance, and Examples.

What is Brand Image?

Brand image is a fancy way of saying you’re only good as your reputation.

Brand image comprises the perceptions of the customer about the particular brand. It depends in which manner a brand stands in the market. It is the overall impression in the minds of consumers which is shaped including all the services.

  • Brand image should be positive and of high value as it helps in increasing the demand and profit of that product. The brand develops and conveys the product’s character to the consumers. It is important than any other factor for a business.
  • It can be built up by various activities advertising, mouth publicity, promotional tools, etc.
  • Brand image is the impartial and the feedback of the customer. Customers not only purchase the brand product but they are also purchasing the image of the brand.


According to Reynolds, “a customer would create an image by selecting only a few impressions from the total number of impressions he/she has towards the product/services and when it comes to the process of creating an image those selected impressions expanded, embroidered and well arranged by the customers.”

The Father of modern marketing defines,” Brand image as a ‘set of beliefs’, ideas, and impressions that a person holds about the brand.”

Types Of Brand Image:


The brands offer the luxurious and high prices products consumers may feel that the product is of high quality and results in an increase in the value of the brand image.


The brands offer high-quality services and take care of the customer’s demand and expectations. Services provided to the customers play a key role to improve the brand image and if services are not up to the expectation it will affect the image.


The brand offers the product at low prices and that allows us to compare the product of same kind. So, if the same kind of product is available the consumer would buy the product of that particular brand that provides at least price.


The brand offers the product with advanced technologies and products. As the consumers prefer the product with new changes.


The brand differentiates the product and services through the way it looks and feels, as much as or more than they do. Every particular brand has its own style.


The brand is on a mission to make a social positive, enhance people’s quality of life, and beneficial for the environment. The product may not harm nature and should have no side effects.


The brand challenges presently things and launches the new concepts that will bring change in the market. The changes in the product are necessary to continue in the same position and maintaining the image of the brand.


The brand that shows the experience it provides to the customers. If the experience of the brand is of long time ago the consumers may not hesitate to buy the product of that brand.

Importance Of Brand Image:

There are three specific importance that brand image consists:

  1. It will open doors for you if you have a positive brand image. It will give you the opportunity to compete with other brands and it will help you to increase the potentiality of your brand.
  2. Your ability to grow your business, the difference between the low end and high end an if there is only 1%difference and your brand image is positive the consumers would purchase the product at a high price also.
  3. The benefit of the doubt you receive when you have a strong brand. You get to make more mistakes than anybody else and people will give the benefits of the doubt if you make a mistake if you have a powerful image because they feel that you will do the right things. It is because no brand no service is perfect and when you make things rights and it gets overboard for customers, they understand that you’re sorry and you get the benefits of that doubt.



Starbucks is a known brand that serves coffee, hot and cold drinks, and many other products. It provides a little bit of luxury that everyone can afford. It has a powerful brand image so the customers are ready to purchase their products at a high price also and so they also find a suitable place to work.


Bru has been India’s first no.1 coffee brand since then. And has a positive image because of its taste and quality. It provides energy to do work instantly. Coffee beans used in it are fresh.


Pepe jeans are trendy and stylish. There are comfortable to wear. As well as offer the product at lower and affordable prices so it leads the customers to buy the product of that brand as it also helps them to look stylish and passionate.

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