Brand Essence: Explanation, Importance, Examples

Brand essence explains and describes the respective brand in short. It has the ability to summarise the entire organization and its working, ethics, principles in a few seconds.

What is Brand Essence: 

An intangible characteristic of which aids in differentiating one brand from the other brands. It is something that people believe in before purchasing or making any transaction with that particular brand. Brand essence is also an asset to the organization. A company with better brand essence will have an advantage over a company that has a comparatively lower brand essence.

The impact of the Brand Essence on the customers is like psychological and gradually it becomes the behaviour of the customers to approach the given organization. Business organizations put a lot of effort into creating a good and strong essence for their brand.


The indignity and the original goal and target should be felt through the brand essence. It should be capable and strong enough to change the perception of the customers regarding their company, only in positive terms.

Even if two companies sell homogeneous products, the company with a much better brand essence will always be given the first priority by the customers. Customer trust will be generated through this. Brand Essence is considered as the heart of the business.

Good Brand essence is not only a tagline or a slogan that can be used often, instead, but it is also an attribute that the organization wants the customers to know and think about them. Brand essence aids the organization by improving its strategy and also, influence them to

Characteristics Of Brand Essence:

Few characteristics are mentioned below:

  1. Intangibility
  2. Unique
  3. Meaningful
  4. Consistent
  5. Customer’s requirement


The essence of a brand is not touchable. It is all about understanding its value and feeling the importance.


Brand essence is needed to be unique. It should be creative enough to make it stand out and different from other competitive firms.


a brand essence should hold the meaning and originality of the brand. In order to fit in the competition, the importance and the value of the brand should not be compromised.


In every aspect, the brand essence should remain constant.


The brand essence is what customers see, think, and feel about the brand. The organizations are concerned about how they will introduce their customers to their brand.

Importance Of Brand Essence:

Effective branding is a vital component for the business as it is helping the business to make an impression of its own on the customers. Strong brand essence is also important to make the business organization stand out:

Importance of Brand Essence are:

  1. Consistent
  2. Effective Marketing
  3. Creation of bond


Brand essence helps the organization to meet the promise that it had committed to the offer. When it is combined with a proper goal, mission, and vision then it becomes consistent.


A good Brand essence helps the organization to make sales to the customers, it is because the customers are aware of the brand and they know its importance.


Brand essence helps in establishing networks and bonds with the public. The brand essence is entirely what the people think about it. It helps in building an emotional bond with the customers and the public. It is also what people start expecting from the brand.

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The magic, the fantasy that has been showing by Walt Disney as always been appreciated by the kids. It makes everyone believe that nothing is impossible. Walt Disney World and Walt Disney Land are one of the best examples of how the brand essence fulfills the factor of consistency.


A brand that always wants to spread the feeling of power one gets when they break through their boundaries and come into a new space. “Impossible is Nothing” is what Adidas currently uses. The essence of this brand is to glorify winning everyone’s respective competition. It inspires everyone to bring out their inner athlete.

  1. APPLE

Apple’s brand essence is about restlessness and effortlessness. With its perfect product and service, it expects to spread the essence of working without any relaxation.

  1. L’OREAL

The brand essence of L’O real is about being beautiful. A feeling that people have after doing things needed and also the brand essence is about attention. This wants the customers to believe that with proper confidence and beauty, in which they are comfortable, anyone can face the world without any hesitation.

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