Best time to post on Instagram [Infographic]

It is very important to know the Best time to post on Instagram because the best times are considered when your audience is most active. When most of the audience will be active while you post anything on Instagram, the engagement of that very post will increase resulting in more interaction among new users.

The Instagram algorithm is such that if the engagement of any posts is higher than usual, then it will be shown to many news users in their search box options which eventually lead to more profile view and increase in followers.

If you have your business account activated on Instagram, then you can find out your best time to post on Instagram.

To find out, follow the below steps

1) Go to Insights 📊

2) Click on Audience 👥

3) scroll a bit down ⬇️, where you will find out on which days of the week 🗓 and at what approximate time ⌚ your followers are the most active on Instagram (you can also find out that, from which geographic areas your followers are & their age category)

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Globally Best Time to post on Instagram (IST) analyzed over 15 million posts globally.

Best time to post on Instagram
EST is 9 hrs. 30 min. behind of IST


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