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10 Benefits of Travelling: Travel Makes You a Better Person

Travelling can teach you in a practical way more than any certified course. Although, it may seem to be wastage of time for few peoples but when looked deep down it is much more than just that. Below I have listed 10 Benefits of Travelling which you can tell when someone next time points at you and says that you are wasting your time by travelling.

1. Travelling Helps You Meet New People

This is one of the good Benefits of Travelling. Travelling is the best way to meet new people. This world is much bigger than what you think it is and has better people than your peers whom you trust the most. So its always better to have plenty of options by your side to choose from rather than milking your limited no. of friends that you have. Reach out to more no. of people who are rather more beautiful than you think whom you have yet not met in your life.

2. Travelling Increases Your Knowledge

Travelling helps you explore new places in your world around you. It increases the scope in which you see your world. It increases your knowledge, you get more things to talk about also as you have seen and explored more places it gives you a chance to share your experience with others as well.

3. Travelling Makes You a Better Storyteller

As you go and visit new places you don’t need to recite old fake stories rather now you can recite your own real experiences which are rather more exciting ones than the stories which you would otherwise recite.

4. Travelling Creates Memories

Travelling gives us a chance to create beautiful memories to remember long after you have visited that place. It is said by John Keats that “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” which indeed is true. Those memories are a forever source of pleasure for you to savor. Thus the more you travel the more beautiful memories you are able to gather.

5. Travelling Refreshes Us

Travelling helps us remove the rust and dust of day to day life and refreshes us to come back to our daily tasks with a fresh boost of energy. It is very important to take a break from your routine tasks and do something creative and what more could be more exciting than to move out and travel to some nearby place or to go on a tour outside your city?

6. Travelling Makes You Independent

This is one of the best Benefits of Travelling for a solo traveller. If you have ever done solo travelling you would have realized that you feel a boost of self-esteem in you when you travel alone all on your own. You get to know yourself better as you spend time with you. You feel that you are sufficient enough and you don’t have to worry about now where you may go.

7. Travelling Lets You Explore New Cultures

Travelling helps you learn about new cultures and traditions. It makes you aware of what the outside world contains and has there to offer to you. Especially in a country like India where culture is different in almost every state, when you travel from one state to another you meet totally new people who look different, speak different languages, eat different foods, dress different dresses. Such a variety of different cultures and traditions you will come across every time you step out of your place and go to a different place altogether.

8. Travelling is a Natural Entertainment

In today’s tech-savvy world where people find social media and electronic media as their source of entertainment, it is time that you step out of your house and feel the natural entertainment. Nature is god’s way of letting you know that no matter how many hardships you face in life this world is still very beautiful to live in.

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9. Travelling Teaches Adaptability

Travelling teaches you adaptability that is to be able to mound yourself as per the surrounding environment. As you travel many times you need to make unexpected decisions and you will have to be spontaneous, calm and patient enough to not let anxiety take over you and to learn to adapt the changing environment which in turn teaches you adaptability that is to be able to cope with uncertain events as they come without panicking like a lost child.

10. Travelling Makes You Open-Minded

As you travel, as you go and see new people, places, cultures, traditions, food, language, etc. You become open-minded and more accepting of other people whom you get to meet in your life in the future. You become more sympathetic and inculcate a love for humanity as you get to see a variety of people and realize that being different is what makes one special. You become less quick to judge and quicker to understand the other person, whosoever it is.

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